Samsung S10 Review – The Best Smartphone in 2019

Samsung introduced S10 series in Feb’19 and released orders in Mar’19, most people recognize Samsung S10 PLUS 5G is The Best Smartphone in 2019 first half.


Do you have the same opinions? Would love to know your feedback 🙂


Although some might have another TOP 1 choice, that’s totally OK! Let’s have some closer looks for Samsung S10 family: S10e/S10/S10+/S10 5G.

🙂 🙂 🙂


Samsung S10e

Product: Samsung Galaxy S10e
Camera: 10.0 MP(front) / 12MP Wide-angle Camera & 16MP Ultra Wide Camera(123º)
Display: 5.8” Full HD+ Dynamic AMOLED / Infinity-O Display (2280×1080)
Battery: 3,100mAh
Price: USD$530.87↑( 6GB/8GB RAM & 128GB/256GB ROM)



Samsung Galaxy S10 family starts with Samsung Galaxy S10e, it’s the entry phone for S10 family. “E” stands for essential, that’s the answer!


Design & Display

The concept of Samsung S10 design is to give us a better experience when we are using phones without getting distracted by notch design.


The hole-punch design is changing the game of screen innovations. Now, it won’t be that noticeable comparing to a thick notch sits on the top of your phones.


Samsung Galaxy S10e gets a flat screen at a slightly lower Full HD+ with thin bezels around this it. It doesn’t bother me at all when I hold it and use it for a couple of days.


I am not a big-hand type of person, so the size of Samsung Galaxy S10e is easy to grab and often I could do so well by only one hand.


Just for your information, I always need to use both my hands holding the latest flagships with big screens to do some texting…


The hole-punch area of Samsung Galaxy S10e is at top right corner, there are thousands of creative wallpapers to dress the fun.


I personally like the below hole-punch camera is taken as the head of an astronaut, and it’s really funny!


You could find more fun wallpapers HERE!



Samsung Galaxy S10e gets a 10.0 MP front camera and 12MP Wide-angle Camera & 16MP Ultra Wide Camera as rear set.


I don’t always take photos with satisfaction since I ALWAYS shake my hands and got blurred results, so it’s a huge relief that both rear cameras are equipped with OIS(Optical Image Stabilization).


Using Samsung Galaxy S10e to take photos, I could tell that Samsung was putting so many efforts to make the photo shooting become easy as eating.


You simply click effortlessly and the best photo comes perfectly.


They developed a Flaw Detection feature to give you advice when the smart AI recognizes some shooting problems, either your friends just blink, your friends’ eye are closed, or your friends moved a bit.


The camera is telling you all above.


It also gets Ultra-Wide camera which is the best for group photos. Now, you don’t have to worry to cut someone’s head accidentally for a group photo. 🙂


Reverse Wireless Charging

Huawei Mate 20 Pro first introduced the famous Reverse Wireless Charging, Samsung is running for the competition this year.


S10 family could use the same feature for all S10 devices. BUT, there is a limit when you try to charge other devices.


That is your device at least should have 30% battery to proceed reverse wireless charging. If the battery reaches 30% or below, the reverse wireless charging will automatically turn off.


Just keep this in mind: 30%.


Samsung S10

Product: Samsung Galaxy S10
Camera: 10.0 MP(front) / 12MP Telephoto Camera & 12MP Wide-angle Camera & 16MP Ultra Wide Camera(123º)
Display: 6.1″ Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED / Infinity-O Display (3040×1440)
Battery: 3,400mAh
Price: USD$658.9( 8GB RAM & 128GB/512GB ROM)



Design & Display

The design of Samsung Galaxy S10 is almost the same with S10e, the only noticeable difference is the thinner bezels on S10.


The size of the screen also rises to 6.1” Quad HD with Dynamic AMOLED, and people always say the size is the main difference between S10 and S10e.


The infinity-O camera also sits the same top right corner with S10e, and it means you could have the same fun to hide the front camera. Find more fun wallpapers HERE!


Watch the fun video by Samsung for the hole-punch camera:



What S10e gets, Samsung Galaxy S10 has all and even better. The OIS, checked! The Flaw Detection, checked!! The Ultra wide camera, yeah checked!!!


Samsung Galaxy S10 has triple camera: 12MP Telephoto Camera & 12MP Wide-angle Camera & 16MP Ultra Wide Camera, one more 12MP Telephoto Camera than S10e.


The telephoto camera allows you to get a 2x optical zoom if you hope to get more details.


Let’s see some examples to try the powerful triple cameras:


Ultra wide camera(123º) really takes lots of scenes in the photo, and it does save lots of time that we used to squat lower or lie down on the sands to capture this kind of photo.


You only need a phone like Samsung Galaxy S10 which is equipped with triple cameras to do the work for you.



This is what I said, DETAILS. Although I seldom use telephoto camera to capture scenic photos like this, it doesn’t lessen my admiration for this photo.


Look at the waves on the ocean, the curves on the rocks, or the clouds in the sky. It does a very good job.



Ultrasonic Fingerprint

You may use ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the front screen of Samsung Galaxy S10, this is the other difference with S10e.


S10e only gets Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor on the side button, and it’s still fast.


Ultrasonic Fingerprint is designed to unlock your phone even when your fingers are wet, greasy, or dirty.


When you press your finger on the screen, the Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor will send out tone burst converted to press waves to scan the pores on your finger and create a 3-dimensional image.


Start to feel sleepy? Don’t worry.


The whole concept of ultrasonic fingerprint is like what sonar works. It delivers accurate data to unlock, and it’s very secure. This is all you need to know.



Comparing the optical fingerprint scanner on other competitors’ smartphone devices, Samsung’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner is more accurate and speedy.


If comparing the traditional capacitive fingerprint scanner(old kind of fingerprint scanner on buttons), Ultrasonic Fingerprint is as good & secure as the old kind.

Samsung S10+

Product: Samsung Galaxy S10+
Front Camera: 10.0 MP(front) & 8MP RGB Depth Camera
Rear Camera:
12MP Telephoto Camera & 12MP Wide-angle Camera & 16MP Ultra Wide Camera(123º)
Display: 6.4″ Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED / Infinity-O Display (3040×1440)
Battery: 4,100mAh
Price: USD$769.8( 8GB RAM & 128GB/512GB ROM) (12GB RAM / 1TB ROM)



Design & Display

The screen size of Samsung Galaxy S10+ rises again to 6’4” which will be loved by big phone lovers, it gives a deluxe feeling when you hold the real phone on hands.


Samsung Galaxy S10+ is slight heavier than S10e & S10, but it doesn’t affect much for daily uses.


The top right corner now become wider since it gets a dual camera for the front camera, it’s also the main difference between Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Samsung Galaxy S10.




Samsung Galaxy S10+ shared the same set of a triple camera with Samsung Galaxy S10, so it works the same for the performance.


BUT, it’s very different for the front camera, there is another 8MP RGB Depth Camera, I prefer to call it the 2nd selfie camera.


The 2nd selfie camera is really helping for bokeh effect for portrait mode and capturing the background very clearly which make the selfie photo like a pro, even you are not.


Let’s take the below photo for an example, the background color is so vibrant and the two beautiful girls’ face are still clear.


With my old phones, lots of times you could only get either a vibrant background or the clear faces. I think it’s a big PLUS for me to have Samsung Galaxy S10+ for any selfie shoot.


Samsung Galaxy S10+ front camera keeps all details for selfie photo, and I LOVE it so much!


Samsung also released software updates with Night Mode option to S10 family in May’19. This enables all S10 devices could shoot even in dark places.


But, lots of critics also mentioned the quality of the photo taken with Samsung’s night mode is not really ideal and could compete with Pixel 3.


I kind of hoping Samsung will continue to develop the Night Mode feature with later software updates since I recognize it’s better than nothing at least!

Live Focus

Samsung Galaxy S10e to S10+ 5G all get Live Focus feature which allows you to adjust the depth of field.  You could adjust as much or as little as you want for the result.


I personally don’t like to blur out the background too much, so I always go for the middle to blur out a bit and me & my friends or family still could stand out on the photo.


Samsung Galaxy S10's live focus allows you to adjust the background blur.


Ceramic Edition

Samsung Galaxy S10+ gets a special ceramic edition, it’s heavier than the normal glass models, 23 grams in total.


I love the ceramic color when you put prism black & white and ceramic black & white for comparison.


Prism white is more bluish than ceramic white, if you want a true white phone, just go for ceramic white.


Prism black is also getting some bluish tint when we put ceramic black side by side. So, you want a true black phone, go for ceramic black, please!


Olympic Game Edition

Samsung has officially announced “Olympic Games Edition” of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for Tokyo 2020.


The design is easy which is adding Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games logo at the bottom of the device on the back.


The qty would be very limited, Samsung said there are only 10k units around the globe.


All the specs of the Olympic Games Edition remain the same as the normal edition, the Olympic Games Logo on the back is the biggest difference.


(Photo credit: Docomo )


Dxomark Score

Dxomark tested Samsung Galaxy S10+ and gave total 109 which top the mobile list with Huawei Mate 20 Pro in Feb’19. The Photo score gets 114, the video gets 97.


The selfie score gets 96 which top the list and extremely hard to compete.


Samsung S10 5G

Product: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
Front Camera: 10.0 MP(front) & 3D Depth Camera
Rear Camera: 12MP Telephoto Camera & 12MP Wide-angle Camera & 16MP Ultra Wide Camera(123º) & 3D Depth Camera
Display: 6.7″ Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED / Infinity-O Display (3040×1440)
Battery: 4,500mAh
Price: update soon( 8GB RAM & 256GB/512GB ROM)


Design & Display

The design of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is not far from Samsung Galaxy S10+. I could see the biggest difference from S10+ is the front camera which gets wider and the screen size rises to 6.7″, a very big phone to hold with both my hands!


The size reminds me of the concept of iPad mini since it’s not far from 7.9″, and I know it’s really PREMIUM.


I keep wondering why Samsung does not make all the good specs same as S10 5G in a smaller phone around 5.8″ and it’s way easier to tuck into my jeans’ back pocket?



Camera & Dxomark

The rear camera has quadruple cameras and the front gets a dual camera, total 6 cameras. It’s super powerful for both sides which top the mobile list with Huawei P30 Pro and top the selfie list in Apr’19 before ASUS Zenfone 6.


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is also the first smartphone in history hits 100 video scoring in dxomark which means it could deliver the best video quality than any smartphone in the world.



You could also use Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to adjust the depth of your background when recording a video. (WHAT? Is that real???)


Yes!!! With 3D Depth Camera, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G made this REAL!


Besides, 3D Depth Camera also helps you to get the dimensions for any object you would like to measure.


For example, like the below demonstration, you could measure a chair in IKEA easily and save you tons of time. Isn’t that awesome?




We all know that 5G won’t go wild spread in 2019, many smartphone makers ran the competition already in MWC 2019. Samsung released Samsung Galaxy S10 5G orders in Apr’19, firstly in Seoul – the capital of South Korea.


Even other major cities in Korea won’t be ready for 5G by the end of 2019.

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I must give you a big HUG when you finally read my conclusion. Samsung Galaxy S10 series is definitely The Best Smartphone in 2019 first half.


If you are under budget, you may fall on  The Best Smartphone in 2019


If you are OK with prices, you could go for Samsung Galaxy S10 & Samsung Galaxy S10+. Between these two, it depends on how much you want for the quality of your selfie shoots.


I personally prefer Samsung Galaxy S10, this is only I didn’t take selfie that much.


If you chase for the trend and like to taste the latest technology ahead of others, you may choose Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. You won’t regret the decision you made.


Let’s watch the official video from Samsung for their powerful S10 family:


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Samsung Galaxy S10 series or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


(Except Dxomark and Docomo, the rest photos: Samsung)


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Samsung Galaxy S10e








Build Quality




Matt Lin


  1. The Asians made a beast of a phone in the Samsung S10, I feel that phone is a phone for ages and it’s really going to take a long time to get out of the market.

    The thing about the camera is, when you see a photo shot with an S10, you think it was shot with a professional camera. That’s just fabulous.

    The battery life needs some upgrading though and that’s a little problem with Samsung phones but still the phone is awesome and it’s worth its worth. Great one from Samsung and great review from you.

    • Hi Henderson,

      Yeah, S10 is one of the best smartphones in 2019. I totally agree that battery life is still a concern for people couldn’t make their mind on it. But, anyway, thanks for the feedback!

  2. Thank you for this article, I was wondering about the Samsung S10. Sorry I was wondering what is the hole punch thing that you mentioned? Does that mean there is a hole in it so you can tie it to your belt or something?

    Oh I see it’s a camera. That’s interesting why did they do it that way, I have a Galaxy on5 and the camera doesn’t have to be in a hole in the screen.

    The automatic depth measuring camera looks really cool too.
    Thanks for this article and I will keep it for future reference when upgrading my phone.

    • Hi Jen,

      The hole-punching design gives Samsung a great opportunity that they could make S10 a full-screen experience. It’s like a breakthrough from Samsung and they called it an “infinity-O” display!

      Thanks for the feedback, if you like, I suggest you read about my review on Samsung Galaxy A series. The price range should be not far from the phone you are using now.

  3. Hello Matt, right from time I have been an ardent fanatic of Samsung products because I just love the advances they make to their gadgets.

    I know about the s10 series but die to some challenges when it came out, I couldn’t get it but now, I’m ready to buy one.

    This review has really helped to point out some vital details concerning the series and has given me hints that allows me to pinpoint exactly the one I want. I prefer the s10+ better. Thanks

    • Hi RoDarrick,

      Yes, S10+ is a great choice.

      Maybe you could consider getting a more advanced phone when Samsung released Note 10 in your country.

      My full review on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is posted a few days ago, hope you could have a look and enjoy!

  4. Things in smart phones have gone really exciting especially with the Samsung S10 models. Add to that, this new internet technology called 5G which according to what I’ve heard, is at neck-breaking speed.

    And all the things that you want in a smart phone looks like they’re here all in one place, 5-G capable and big RAM.

    Now, I’m confused if this Vivo phone that I’m using will stay long with me or I will change to that of Samsung S10 5G. I can’t help but envy these guys who already have these models.

    • Hi Gomer,

      5G is totally a thing that we should all care about since it might bring the most impactful influence on our lives.

      It’s great to know that you have a Vivo phone which I seldom hear it from my friends whoever know or own a Vivo phone as their daily driver.

      If you get a Vivo phone, I suggest you also try to read my review on Xiaomi Mi 9 family which is not far from the phone you are currently using, both price range or features!

  5. Which other set of phones would have done it better than the Samsung S10 series. After it release around February and march  I read a a lot of reviews about them in furtherance to changing my phone and I just found out that none has been more informative than this.

    The specs of the S10e is satisfying to me as I’m not a camera kinda person but i love phones with enough space and wide screen spec.

    The release of this series is a reminder of the development of the digital world.  Phones now measure thinks and give accurate calculations. This is pretty amazing and funny.

    I wish to see more of your post.


    • Hi Willy,

      Thanks for the feedback, I love the S10e too since my hands are really small compared to others.

      Yeah, the smartphone industry advanced so much in recent years which changed our lives a lot. Cannot wait to see more innovation it will bring in the future.

  6. Samsung is really holding up its peak of creativity and I’m not expecting anything Less, when the s10 review first came out before the release, I read about this features and most especially I focused on the camera, the s7,s8 series and s9 series hardly have any improvement in their Camera vision, but I think they’ve really Worked on S10 and its better and good. My favorite of the s10 series is Samsung S10+ and I’m enjoying it right now. Thanks for sharing this lovely article.

    • Hi Jones, thanks for the honest feedback on S10, and I love you’re enjoying it right now. Samsung has changed the strategy a lot since 2019 for the competition with Chinese smartphone giants, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. That’s why we could have so many amazing Galaxy phones in 2019.

      Note 10 is also good evidence that they pushed themselves so hard to win us back. You are more than welcome to check my review on it HERE. 🙂

  7. Excellent article on Samsung S10, I’ve been an addict lover of Samsung product from many years now, reading through this wonderful review of this Samsung S10 even shows that most people recognize Samsung S10 PLUS 5G is The Best Smartphone in 2019 first half.

    The specification of this phone is awesome, I read some features like reverse wireless charging and powerful batter capacity which is 3,400mAh. Samsung is the best I can boldly say it and the price still affordable enough, thank you for sharing this helpful post!

    • Yeah, I love Samsung Galaxy S10 family since the four phones suit everyone’s needs. S10e is for someone with a budget issue but it doesn’t mean the camera or overall performance is lower than the standard phone. 

      S10 is the standard model for everyone who likes to own flagships in 2019. 

      S10 Plus is for who would like to chase the studio-type photo shooting experience.

      S10 PLUS 5G is for some pioneers who look for the super-fast net connectivity speed.

      Glad you like it too. 🙂

  8. I love to read great articles like this before I go out to buy any Samsung camera. I am a lover of Samsung phones and seeing here how you’ve explained in detail the features and prices of S10 and S10e is really very helpful. 

    I will go out to check these phones as currently in need of one with exciting camera features that you mentioned.

    • Thanks for the honest comment, and I am glad you find it’s helping you to make the right choice before purchase. S10 Plus 5G might suit you if you care about the camera performance so much. 🙂

  9. My daughter is an interior architect and a graphic designer. She has to take perfect photos and videos of everything she designs so she can present them to her clients and post them on social media. she’s the only one in our home that uses the samsung. Every other person has an iphone. Now I know why she has stuck to the samsung. I might even think of getting one for me!

    • Hahaha Juliet, Samsung did lots of improvement for its camera & overall performance. For the camera performance, I suggest you check on Dxomark list to see any great phones out there to find the one that suits you the best. 

      Click HERE for more details about the smartphone’s camera performance!

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