Samsung Note 10 Review – The Intelligent S Pen

Samsung introduced Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ on 7 Aug 2019 in New York during its Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event. The most updated feature of Note 10 is the Intelligent S Pen.


When Samsung Note phones come to our minds, it’s always the biggest phone that Samsung ever makes. This year, they made two phones. One is 6.8″ Note 10+, the other is 6.3″ Note 10.


The biggest differences between these two are the screen size, battery, and the camera set. For the rest, it’s basically the same.


I was pretty much amazed about that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an everything phone, but Galaxy Note 10+ is turning a more powerful EVERYTHING smartphone this year.


Let’s follow Blablaphones for a better dive! 🙂 🙂 🙂



(Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10+ come with the more advanced S PEN in Aug 2019.)


Product: Samsung Galaxy Note 10
6.3″ Dynamic AMOLED (1080 x 2280 pixels) 19:9 ratio (401 ppi density)
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Storage: 256 storage, no card slot
Camera:  12.0 MP(wide & OIS) + 12.0 MP(telephone & 2x optical zoom) + 16.0 MP(ultrawide)
Front Camera:  10.0 MP(Dual Pixel)
Battery: 3,500 mAh and Fast battery charging 25W / wireless charging 20W
Aura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black, Aura Pink, Aura Red
Other Features:  IP68 dust & water proof / S PEN / One UI / DeX / Gorilla Glass 6


(You could choose from the above colors for your favorite Galaxy Note 10.)


Product: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
6.8″ Dynamic AMOLED (1440 x 3040 pixels) 19:9 ratio (498 ppi density)
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
RAM: 12 GB
Storage: 256/512GB storage, microSD card slot
Camera:  12.0 MP(wide & OIS) + 12.0 MP(telephone & 2x optical zoom) + 16.0 MP(ultrawide)
Front Camera:  10.0 MP(Dual Pixel)
Battery: 4,300 mAh and Fast battery charging 45W / wireless charging 20W
Aura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black, Aura Blue
Other Features: IP68 dust & water proof / S PEN / One UI / Dex / Gorilla Glass 6


(Galaxy Note 10+ has a different color which is the Aura Blue.)


Design & Display

Before Samsung introduced Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+, all the leaks pretty much-exposed everything about the design.



Compared to Galaxy Note 9, it’s like a huge leap that we expected to see in 2020. The right & left bezel got pushed to thinness you might need to find where it is, otherwise, you think it gets no bezels.


The top and the bottom, on the other hand, still have thin bezels which are no wider than 0.3mm, and it won’t get you distracted much when you hold both Note 10 & 10+.



The buttons are all on the left-hand side, one is volume key, the other is power button also the Bixby key. The right-hand side of the body looks clean and neat.



I feel surprised that the weight of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is only 168g, and the previous Note 9 is 201 grams which are 33 grams less but more powerful. This is amazing!!!


Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ weighs 198g which is still 3 grams less than Note 9. If you consider Note 9’s 6.4″ screen and look at Note 10+’s 6.8″ screen again, you would find Samsung tried very hard to downsize the weights but advanced all the features. (Good job!)


Dynamic AMOLED

The default setting for this beautiful dynamic AMOLED screen is Full HD+ and can be changed to Quad HD+ in the menu.


Since the bezels are extremely thin, the cinematic viewing experience gets risen to a whole new level. No matter you are in the daylight or at the dark, this screen guarantees you a perfect comforting moment.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note10+’s dynamic AMOLED got certified by VDE that it could always deliver a vivid, bright, and better contrast colors which we also see on OnePlus 7 Pro.


Another Pros for this dynamic AMOLED screen is it will reduce harmful blue lights and protect your eyes from eyestrain without sacrificing colors.


PS. VDE is one of Europe’s largest technical-scientific associations and it tests covers safety, EMV, energy efficiency, and other product features, as well as certification and assembly inspections.


(Samsung Galaxy Note 10 gets a 6.3″ screen while Note+ gets a bigger 6.8″ display.)



The codename inside Samsung is “Davinci”, so we could see the front camera moved to the middle instead of the top right corner as Samsung Galaxy S10+ family does.


Compared to the last version of Note 9, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10+ get a huge leap too. Besides one more extra camera on Note 10 and another depth camera on Note 10+, the video recording feature also improves a lot.


(Samsung Galaxy Note 10 gets a set of depth cameras than Note 10.)


Live Focus

We used to adjust our photo by Samsung’s Live Focus to blur out the background. In 2019, Samsung brings Live Focus to video.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ now could record video with real-time bokeh mode, and it is effortless! You could see the below picture that Samsung’s demonstration, and there are four modes to choose.


You could swipe from “big circle effect”, “blur effect”, “color point effect”, and “glitch effect” to match your mood on the shooting day.


(There are four modes for video bokeh effects, you could choose anyone to match your story.)


Zoom-in MIC

There are THREE microphones on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10+, and you could record the sounds for your objects in the video.


For example, you are recording a man playing guitar in a park. You want to zoom in for his handsome face, and you will find out the sound recording will also be enhanced following your zoom-in.


If you mix and match the four video effects above, you will definitely make a super eye-catching video with a better sound



Super steady

We often recorded video with many noise and unstable footages for a long time. In the past, you need to get an extra 3-axis stabilizer for a better video.


Samsung thought of that and advanced Note 10 & 10+’s stabilization. Compared to the previous Note 9, Note 10 is really making a pro video.


Let’s see the comparison of Note 9 and Note 10+:


Depth Camera ONLY on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

We see the real jobs done in the New York presentation. The helpers let us try this depth camera to record a pink beaver to scan around it then a clone AR shown on your phone.


It’s definitely helpful for artists, workers at construction sites, IKEA staffs, architects, and interior designers since they might need to measure objects quite often for business.


For normal users like me, I think it’s an expansion for AR experience which I don’t use a lot.


Samsung redesigned the look of S PEN with a more fashionable and trendy style, and for the performance, it gets so much upgraded.


Up to 10 hrs use

First of all, S PEN could last longer to 10 hours. You don’t need to worry that it will run out of life soon when you pitch or do the important presentation about your company. NO worries!


Your best remote control

In a presentation, you could sue S Pen remote function within 10 meters of the device. You could swipe right or left for the right slide and leave a strong impression.


Air Action

You could draw a circle with S PEN clockwise or counterclockwise to change your camera angle to have everyone in the frame for the right place and right moment.


In photo apps, you could use S PEN to demonstrate your photos with friends or family about a recent trip or anything. Just swipe right and left like a magic wand!


The best way to show your photos is to connect your Note 10 & Note 10+ to a TV, and use S PEN as a powerpoint presentation pen. Everyone will LOVE it!


Taking note

Now, you could take quick notes even your phone is screen on or screen off. After finished, you could adjust the font color, or transforming your hand-writing notes to readable text by OCR feature.


(Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10+ will turn your handwriting notes to readable text!)


AR Doodle

This is my favorite part of S PEN in 2019. When you shoot video, you could take out your S PEN and draw cute stuff on the screen around your face, then all those cute drawings will follow with your face in motions.


Even if you leave and come back to the frame later, the AR Doodle will appear again since it is designed to track your face no matter where you go.


And, it’s only available in the Samsung native camera app.



Note 10 gets a 3,500 mAh battery and Note 10+ gets a bigger 4,300 mAh one. Samsung used to very careful about its battery since Note 7’s notorious explosion in the world.


After three years, I think they are ready again to bring us a better battery life on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10+.


Both Note 10 and 10+ support 25W fast charging and Note 10+ could support up to 45W fast charging with another adapter you need to purchase by your own.


Samsung mentioned it only takes 30mins with the 25W fast charging for all-day use, and I think it’s great since I don’t like to carry the power bank with me when I go anywhere.


Another highlight of Note 10 & Note+ is they carry the reverse charging from Samsung Galaxy S10, so you could easily share the power to save someone’s life.


(Samsung Galaxy Note10 & 10+ could allow you to share the battery with other smart devices.)


DeX Mode

DeX is the abbreviation of Desktop eXperience. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ works so well with PC and Mac.


Simply connect your Note 10 & Note 10+ to the monitor, laptop or TV, you could browse like a boss on the big screen.


(DeX Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10+ gives a PC-like experience.)


It’s your best travel mate for business. You could save all the files on your phone and go to the clients’ office and do an impressive pitch or your company’s presentation.


If you are stuck in a hotel without a laptop around, you might go to connect the TV in your room to do some paperwork editing. It does give lots of convenience and freedom.


For artists that might use S PEN a lot for creating drawings everywhere, you could also connect your phone to the bigger monitor to finish your drawings with more details without hurting your eyes too much.


The best part of Dex Mode is while you are doing anything on the monitor after connecting your phones, you still could use your Note 10 & Note 10+ as a phone.


In 2019, Samsung DeX cooperates with Microsoft to take the multitasking to the next level. Before this, Microsoft is always something that stays in the PC era in the past, I am quite surprised to see this collaboration.


You only need the USB cable for the connection and drag and drop files between your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ without any interruptions.


You could also sync with Windows for all the recent photos, messages, and notifications from your phone to your PC. And, you won’t miss a thing in the future.


PS. DeX for PC operates on Windows 7, 10 and versions of Mac OS higher than 10.13.


(Almost every Microsoft Office applications could work with Samsung DeX Mode, and it’s so convenient.)


(You might leave your laptop at home when you go for a business trip next time since your phone could do more now.)


Other minor features:

  • Storage: Note 10+ could support to expand the storage up to another 1 TB via microSD!!!(Yes!)
  • Vapor chamber cooling system: to cool down your Note 10 for a better gaming performance
  • IP68 rating: Galaxy Note10, Note10+, and S Pen feature an IP68 rating
  • 5G service: Note 10+ only, hyperfast downloading speed and extremely low latency
  • Security: Samsung Knox will protect all your personal data from malware and malicious attacks
  • Unlock: Samsung’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is more accurate and speedy



Top#01 No Headphone Jack

Samsung mentioned this was to leave more room for a larger battery, but let’s think about Samsung could put an S PEN into the body, why not leave more room for a headphone jack?


This seems like a dead-end for headphone Jack, and I always like it that I could listen to my favorite songs with my headphone when I charge my phones at the same time.


Now, I need to buy a pair of earbuds or play it out louder.


Top#02 The frame rate

I was expecting Samsung would have an at least 90-hertz refreshing frame rate as OnePlus 7 Pro. But, it’s not happening.


Although Samsung doesn’t make it happen, it doesn’t mean that they don’t put a good screen for Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+. It’s something that you want to have it when you spend almost USD$1000 simply for a phone.


Top#03 Power button with Bixby key

Yeah, this is a good part but also a bad experience. When you press once quickly, Note 10 & Note 10+ will show up the screen.


But!!! No matter how long I press the power button, it always shows Bixby, Bixby, and Bixby. Is it a gimmick that Samsung wants us to try more Bixby?


(What comes with Samsung Galaxy Note 10?)


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If I need to choose my next phone between Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, I would go for Note 10 due to my smaller hands.


I like the feeling that I could still use only one hand to control a smartphone like iPhone 4s, but flagships get bigger and bigger in recent years.


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10+ or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.



(All Photos: Samsung)


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Samsung Galaxy Note 10








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Matt Lin


  1. Hello Matt,

    Wow! Such a great review you have done concerning the Samsung note 10 and I must say, this smartphone is a beast considering all these massive features it encompass.

    I cannot even pinpoint just a single reason I want to buy this. Every feature stated above is making me to love this product more and more.

    I cannot stress this enough, Samsung has outgrown every other smartphone and the rate at which they are making changes to the world of Android is really encouraging g and interesting. Thanks so much for this detailed review. 

  2. Dear Matt,

    For the past 3+ years, I am using Xiaomi MI3 and I am planning to switch to a new advanced mobile. This time I am willing to go with Samsung and while doing some research online I came across your thorough and detailed review post.

    The features, details and the videos you embedded are very helpful and informative. Thanks a lot for sharing the downsides as well, no  headphone Jack is a concern.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no more additional research required. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works.  Samsung Galaxy Note 10 sounds interesting. You have saved me a lot of time!

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for stopping by and giving your honest feedback. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ will definitely become your best partner in life or work.

      If you have more time, maybe you could read my review of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 or Xiaomi Mi 9 family before making a decision, I think they are both great for you considering you used Xiaomi MI3 for 3+ years.



  3. Oh my, I am mesmerized by the level of awesomeness of this phone.

    Its the first time I’m actually hearing of this. Though I’ve been expecting its release, I wasn’t aware of it. I like the design and the camera is just top-notch honestly.

    I wasn’t expecting that mum ram on the phone though. Great post here giving an insight to the Samsung note 10 and 10+… It’s a very nice phone.

  4. With the bigger display that Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 4300 mAh should be enough (800 mAh more than Note 10). Nowadays the most important feature I look at phones is the battery.

    But what really interested me is the support of 1TB of micro sim. Now that is what I call proper storage!

    • Hi Dalibor,

      Yeah, with the technology evolves, now the phones on our hands run faster and beyond our imagination! Please click here for the latest price, and they will definitely suit your taste!

  5. Hi Matt.

    I first want to scream on seeing features of this phone but I realized I was in public. I must say I love the competition these companies are putting up when it has to do with updates on the phone.

    Samsung has been my favorite brand I must confess this Samsung S10+ is such a beauty. A 12Gb RAM is something everyone would love and prior to the old complains about small battery, they have made a bigger one.

    I must confess I’m being pushed to purchase this phone just because of its great quality. A wonderful review you have made.

  6. I am using Samsung Galaxy S since its first edition. We can say that its quality confirms its reputation. Not only is it a standard brand in the market, but it stands out for its excellent quality. So I guess Samsung Note will be pretty much similar.

    A fact that is true, is that in each new edition, the improvement is meritorious; those features we thought they were very powerful in the previous edition now remains as common or basic features, because new features are invented or just because such features are incredibly improved and boosted.

    It is awesome that it is already compatible with 5G technology.

    Also, it is good that they are improving such one thing that may seem as simple as the S-Pen, as this can be another powerful interaction method with the device. For sure that all the features you have mentioned have been accomplished with a good study plan and a hard work.

    • Hi Nestor,

      Thanks for the feedback, it looks like you are truly a Samsung fan, and it’s really nice to discuss something we like in common for its latest models. Yeah, Samsung boosted the specs on each category in 2019 due to the massive competition from 4 major Chinese smartphone manufacturers since 2017, especially Huawei. 

      It’s great to see that we are having the advanced and upgraded flagships on our phones with Note 10, and cannot wait for the S11 launch event early 2020 and the update for A series next year!

  7. Looks like a top new phone – every release these days just seems to get better and better with hand held devices. 

    I really like the way that the new video camera has this ‘enhanced sound’ function built in, so that the sound is crystal clear when you zoom into it’s sound source (very impressive!). 

    I’m wondering where the S pen fits in – is there a slot for it on the side of the phone?

    • Yeah, the camera got so much better and advanced on Note 10 launched in August, and this is what Samsung shows us how they are capable of. For the S PEN, yes, there is a slot on the bottom of the phone body just next to the USB type-C.

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