Samsung Note 10 LEAKS – 3 Rumors YOU MUST NOT MISS!

Updated at 2019/07/10

Samsung Indonesia released a video on 8th Jul, and we could have some hints that DeX mode in Samsung Note 10 will become more powerful this year. There are at least 3 rumors you must not miss!


In Samsung Note 9 and the follower S10 family, you still need to plug in USB-Type-C to activate DeX mode. Rumor mentioned that in Note 10, you could transfer the file between Note 10 and different devices wirelessly.


Looks that we all need to power up our office gadgets!


Updated at 2019/07/01

Samsung released a short video about the next Note 10 launch event on 7th Aug 2019 in New York. Literally, the previous rumors on the internet showed almost everything of Note 10.


Let’s wait and see!



Updated at 2019/06/30

We found Samsung Galaxy Note 10 hands-on leaks on Twitter,  it’s not far from the renders in previous months. Samsung might launch Note 10 on 7th August 2019 in New York, and release orders right after.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 hands-on leaks on Twitter:



In Samsung’s tradition, Note 10 is likely to be launched in Aug’19. This year so far, we’ve seen lots of Samsung phones ranging from the state-of-the-art technology for S10 family and mid-range A series. We’ve concluded the top 3 rumors YOU MUST NOT MISS for Samsung Note 10!


(photo credit:phoneArena.com)


Single Hole-punch Front Camera and 4 Camera?

Samsung is going to implement the front camera into the centered area which is believed to have a more powerful camera for selfie since ASUS flip camera just tops the DXOMARK selfie competition. Samsung must think something to win the champion back.


For the main camera on the back, Samsung would have 4 vertical cameras together to make you feel easy and breezy when taking perfect photos. Samsung used this 4 camera set on Galaxy A9 last year, so it’s highly likely to happen in Aug’19. I just cannot wait to see Note 10 with all the powerful features.

(photo credit:phoneArena.com)


There is also another leak shown below, Samsung will use the camera set of S10 which includes one primary, one wide camera, one telescope, and one TOF camera. Besides, we could also see there is a flood illuminator to help Note 10 to calculate the distance BETTER.


Looks cool to me, can’t wait to try the camera!

(photo credit:phoneArena.com)


Larger Battery and Fast Charging Speed

Since Samsung Note 7, the battery issue always causes troubles for Samsung. But, Samsung prepares to launch Note 10 with a 4,500mAh battery according to the rumors and the below photo. For charging speed, rumors have it that Samsung will improve its charging speed instead of using the 25W fast charge which is used in Samsung Galaxy A70.

I hope this time Samsung will not make the same mistake again as Note 7, or it will definitely break blablaphone’s heart.

(photo credit:www.consumer.go.kr)


More Powerful S Pen?

S Pen is way more powerful than our imagination. You never know what customers want until you make that product, and S Pen is one of it. It seems like it could control apps remotely and let you do the presentation better. Under the DEX mode, it could also be used as a mouse in the air.


There are also rumors said that S Pen will have one camera as the front camera which makes NOTE 10 more thinner and fewer bezels. In this case, the screen-to-body ratio of Samsung Note 10 will be 95% once this is true and accepted by Samsung.

All S Pen related sounds very bizarre to me, but I do believe S Pen is underestimation at the moment and we all lack of imaginations for other innovative ways to bring S Pen to the main stage.


It’s highly possible that Samsung could beat other competitors with S Pen as sophisticated technology, and I would LOVE to try S Pen and to be educated by Samsung for the new features!


(photo credit:phoneArena.com)


Other interesting tweets:


I hope you enjoyed these LEAKS and if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal ideas, leave a comment below.


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