Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – The Best Heart Rate Tracker

Samsung introduced and released order for its smartwatch product line which is the Best Heart Rate Tracker in the market.


It’s also currently the strongest competitor to Apple Watch, and we are hoping to see Google joins this game soon in the near future!


It’s so easy to track your heart rate if you wear it every day to make sure your body is going well and under good control. I always believe good health walk you a long way, so the price seems “OKAY” to me and would like to suggest all seniors get one as one MUST-HAVE item in modern society.


Let’s follow Blablaphones for a better dive! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Product: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Display: 1.4″ AMOLED touch screen (360 x 360,  364 PPI density)
Dial Length:
44mm / 40 mm
Stainless Steel LTE & Bluetooth / Aluminum & Bluetooth
Chipset: Exynos 9110 (10 nm)
Sensors:  Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer
Storage: 1.5 GB
Operating System: Tizen-based wearable OS
Wireless technology: NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0
Battery: 340 mAh / Wireless charging
Other Features:
 Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ / Always-on display / IP68 / ECG certified


(Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 came the same time with Galaxy Note 10 series!)


Design & Display

The appearance of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 looks quite traditional to me. From the outside, I couldn’t notice it’s a smartwatch if it’s showing the ordinary watch faces. If it’s showing the colorful infograph watch faces, I would definitely recognize it.


The design is simple and elegant of Galaxy Watch Active 2, and I think Samsung is trying to take care of both sides of customer’s need. One side needs it maintained a traditional look, but the other side wants it more cool & state-of-the-art.


Samsung is doing great! Everyone could find the perfect one to suit their taste. For me, I would choose a very low-profile color – black for my heart rate tracker on my wrist since all my stuff is black too.


Rotating Bezel

Samsung brought back the rotating bezel on Watch Active 2 which is not a physical bezel but something really convenient to use.


it’s a touch-sensitive stripe, and all you need to do is simply move your finger clockwise or the opposite to quickly scroll through screens, notifications, apps or text. It’s probably the coolest thing I see from Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.



Always-on Display

Apple just announced the same feature for Apple Watch 5 on the 10-Sep launch event, but Samsung runs faster this time.


The always-on display on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 doesn’t make you feel embarrassed when you need some info from your watch.


I know this since you click your watch for something, your boss must think you are browsing or texting your friends. I felt it too in office. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Mix & Match

They have a cool tech that if you want the watch face to match your style today. You could take a photo of your look then it would create automatically many colorful patterns for you to choose.


So, every single day, you could have a unique watch face to mix and match with your look every single day!


(The always-on feature on the screen of your Galaxy Watch Active 2 lets you feel safe & secure when you need it!)



Checking your body info from the smartwatch you wear solves lots of hassles that we used to think. You could wear it for walking, running, cycling, rowing, training, working out, and swimming.


It could easily track your heart rate, the time you exercise, and the calories that you burn for this session. But, in 2019, this tracking feature is a basic for a smartwatch, so it’s not a big deal on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.


(Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 make the tracking so easily even when you swim!)



The best part of a smartwatch has arrived, reading your heart rate. On the back of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, there is an upgraded heart rate sensor to read your heart and send you alert when it’s lower than a normal rate.


It suits those who are having trouble for the heart rate, and it’s better we prevent something in advance instead of fixing something afterward. The ECG feature on Galaxy Watch Active 2 is rumored coming soon but we might need to wait till 2020 since Samsung is currently waiting for approval from FDA.


(Sounds terrible? Your body secrets are monitored by this smartwatch on your wrist?)


Stress Level

I love the stress tracker from Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, and this is something modern people need to take care of. People tend to ignore the mental health, and it’s not recovering soon once we explode from the stress.


It will track the stress level to see if you are intense or not, then it will guide you to focus on breathing and trying to relax! Just open the Samsung Health app on Galaxy Watch Active 2!


PS. Stress feature available in all countries except Angola, Cyprus, Algeria, Canada, and Thailand. And smartphone pairing is recommended to store all the information!


(The watch only shows some data, and you could pair with your phone to read more clearly for the all information!)


Let’s watch a demonstration on how to use it on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active series:


Under Armour Edition

Samsung also launched a special edition with Under Armour which gives you limited Under Armour watch face and a free “MapMyRun” MVP service for 6 months.


This special edition has a feature I LOVE the most! The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will read the data from your body then it gives real-time coaching when you are running.


PS. Real-time Form Coaching function ONLY available for Under Armour Edition.


(Under Armour edition lets you use “MapMyRun” MVP service  6 months for FREE!)


Minor Features

  • Bixby support: Yeah, tell Bixby to work for yon even on Samsung’s smartwatches
  • Integration with other apps: Spotify, Youtube, etc.
  • IP68: Take it for a swim or scuba diving(up to 50 meters under) should be OK
  • Battery life: a 44mm model lasts 2 days, and a 40mm lasts 1.5 day which is better than Apple Watch Series
  • Samsung Ecosystem: pair with your Galaxy phone, it will be the camera controller immediately. Even SmartThings, Samsung Pay and more are seamlessly integrated with your watch!



Top#01 The Price

People have concerns that the price is USD$299, why not buy Apple watch? Yeah, I have the same question too. But it really depends on the brand of the features you want for the smart devices on your wrist.


The biggest downside of Apple watch is it only lasts 18hrs the max, and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active could last at least longer than 1 day. So, be wise and pick the one suits you the best!


Top#02 Looks So BIG!

Compared to Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 looks bigger on the wrist. People tend to compare every smartwatch with Apple watch this year since Apple watch dominates people’s imagination on a smartwatch for a while.


I think the 44mm dial could be an issue for some people, why not pick a smaller dial like 40mm? Problem solved!


Top#03 Battery Life

Although Samsung mentioned 44mm-dial model could last for two day and 40mm-dial model could be used for 1.5 days, i see some customers feedback that it could only last for one day actually.


I think if you need to pair with all the smart devices for a better experience, no matter any smartwatch would run out of battery soon! For normal use, it could be as mentioned as 2 or 1.5 days.


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I must say Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is indeed the Best Heart Rate Tracker on our wrist, and if you happen to own a Galaxy Phone, it would perfect since they work quite well between Samsung devices.


You could either use it for any kinds of sports mentioned above or even for a swim, and it will track you well under the water since it’s IP68 dust & water-resistant.


You could also use it to track the heart rate every day for a safety need. As I mentioned in the beginning, good health walk you a long way, so I am also thinking to get a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 for a better living.


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


(All Photos: Samsung)


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Galaxy Watch Active 2








Build Quality




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  1. This is super cool I must say. After a brief reading of this post I decided to watch the video and man, this is really nice. First the ability of watch a YouTube video on your watch isn’t something you see on any smart watch. Going to taking a picture ti match your any outfit and most importantly for me the heart rate sensor i have seen in other devices ate not as effective as it should be. I’ll see how I can get this watch, its just too cool.

    • Hi Chloe,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback, and you are right! Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the best heart rate tracker so far in 2019, hope you find it suits your need! If you need any info, please click HERE!

  2. Thanks for doing this detailed review on Samsung galaxy watch active 2. I followed every updates concerning this watch and it feels food to read more on it here.

    It seems like the perfect watch for fitness and that us welcomed addition to me. Apart that, I like the sophisticated look and how it blends perfectly with fashion as ir can be used for both occasions.

    The waterproof feature has become a new trend for watches and to see this included us also a great addition.

    Surely, I got my fingers crossed on it.

    • Hi Shelley,

      Yes, I think Galaxy Watch Active 2 could cope with your need for any sport and fitness, and I like it got the waterproof feature that I could take it for a swim or shower.

      Please click HERE for more reviews on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2!

  3. Wow, the wrist watch is a really nice one.

    Samsung is really proving to be relentless with their top-notch gadgets. I like this one particular. The Samsung galaxy seems to be the best health watch overtaking the Apple Watch right now.

    I’d very much love to see Google join the competition though. With its waterproof feature and good battery life, I think the watch will make good sales.

    It looks like a normal conventional wristwatch though you say it is heavy. Nice review on this one. For those who might want to have their hearts tracked accurately, this is the best pick.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for coming back for your honest feedback, and you’re more than welcome to check my review on Apple Watch 4 Series HERE, and the early leak for Google’s Pixel Watch HERE

  4. I like the features that this posses and I’m sure that this would be a great competitor to the apple watch 5. I was already expecting some cool features but these are a new cooler level.

    The fact that it can read heart rate is immense and cool. I also like the mix and match feature which would make it a perfect blend irrespective of the clothes I’m putting on.

    I never saw that coming.  I look forward to getting this but the price is a factor. Well, it is still too early to decide the best between this and the apple watch 5.

    A great post!

    • Hi Shelly,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback on my review of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, I like you catch my point that I compare this watch with Apple Watch 5 series which dominates the smartwatch world.

      I always look for the alternative to get more free instead of ONLY one option! 

      Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 does provide me a way out, and all the features are refreshing and cool to me. 🙂 🙂 🙂 You are welcome to read more reviews HERE.

      Just Go For it!

  5. Reading the stress level is one thing I didn’t know about Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 because it’s not indicated from other reviews that I read. What is the reason behind this feature being not available in other countries?

    Having an Under Armour collaboration is also helpful for users to have like your own personal coach as you follow instruction for a better way to do running exercise. No offense but since it’s only available for Under Armour Edition, then why not have it totally free?

    For whatever reason, I still think that Samsung is one of the pioneers of smartwatches because everything is well designed following modern technology and best research. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi MissusB,

      I guessed some countries have strong restrictions that any smart devices won’t be able to collect and store too personal information in case all of those falls on some bad hands… It’s just my assumption!

      For more information about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, please click HERE to know more!

  6. The Samsung Galaxy Watch sounds like exactly what I have been looking for. I always wanted a smartwatch that doesn’t look like one. I like that it has a normal watch face.

    A stress tracker is certainly interesting. I imagine mine would be pretty high most of the time!

    The biggest deal changer for me is that the battery lasts longer than a day.

    18 hours a day from Apple watches simply isn’t long enough and you constantly need to be on top of when you last charged it, which is a pain.

    Great review!

    • Hi Rose,

      Haha…Please use Samsung Health Apps to cure your life stress, sometimes you just need to move on and let it go! I used to be so nervous all the time until I have this watch that sometimes remind me to take much deep breaths again and again then it will be ok all of a sudden.

      Please check HERE for more feedbacks. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. What can be so amazing than to put on a watch that can bring less attention despite being a smartwatch.

    It will be so great to be on a watch on our heart rate and and the stress level so as not to wear out suddenly while doing physical fitness.

    I think I love this watch and it can also serve as a special gift for my dear Dad for his coming birthday.

    Am glad I got a clue for that.

    • Hi Stella,

      Yeah, I think this would be a great gift for parents too, please check HERE for more info! 

      🙂 🙂 🙂

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