Samsung Galaxy S9 Review – The Best Phone Under 400

Samsung announced S9 & S9 plus in 25 Feb’19, and released one month later. 15 months passed from then, the price is becoming more and more affordable compared to new models launched this year.


I would love to let you know that Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 PLUS is The Best Phone Under USD$400 so far, it’s a good time now if you consider getting one of Samsung’s flagships in 2018.


Don’t miss it today! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

Product: Samsung Galaxy S9
Processor: Snapdragon 845 or 10nm 64-bit Samsung Exynos
Camera: 8.0 MP(front) / 12MP Super Speed Dual Pixel
Display: 5.8″ Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2960×1440)
Battery: 3,000mAh
Price: USD$340↑( 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM)


(6.2″ infinity screen gives you an experience without distractions.)


Product:Samsung Galaxy S9+
Processor: Snapdragon 845 or 10nm 64-bit Samsung Exynos
Camera: 8.0 MP(front) / 12MP Super Speed Dual Pixel & 12MP Telephoto Camera
Display: 6.2″ Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2960×1440)
Battery: 3,500mAh
Price: USD$370↑( 6GB RAM & 64GB ROM)

(You may choose the purple, black, or blue color from local retailers or online store.)


Design & Display

In 2019, even an entry phone gets the bezel-like design, so when I look at Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, it’s difficult not to notice the bezel on the top and the chin.


But Samsung Galaxy S9+ is different from S9 since the screen is big enough(6.2″) to look at and get too much interrupted as well.


Overall speaking, the screen on Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ is still one of the best in its kind.


There is nothing to complain about the screen and the built quality since Samsung is very good at these and definitely the best of the best.


(S9 & S9+ are both with an uninterrupted display.)


Camera & Super Slow-Mo

Samsung introduced the dual aperture for Samsung Galaxy S9+, they mentioned that dual aperture that can open or close to change the amount of light the camera gets just like human eyes.


It’s the biggest HYPE that everyone talks about and being recognized the reason succeed over its rivals…not the price then πŸ™


No matter where you are, under bright daylight or at a very low-light environment, dual aperture always capture photos you will shout out loud “What a GREAT photo!” and share on social media immediately, can’t wait for every friend of yours to see it.


Why I am so sure? Since I tried Samsung Galaxy S9+ for daily and night photos, the brightness of the photos really makes me “WOW”.


The color of my photos on the screen only shows how great the camera is, so does the screen.


(Dual Aperture makes the camera like human eyes.)


Samsung also made the slow-motion better this year, it’s called super slow-motion.


You could add music from pre-load choices or with the song from your playlist into you super slow-motion videos and share with the world.


Yeah, Samsung take care of our social-media life so much!


(Super slow motion with Samsung makes every moment counts.)


Let’s watch a demonstration of super slow-motion feature by Samsung:



Live Focus in Samsung = Bokeh mode in other devices. It means you could use Live Focus to blur out the background then the main object of the photo will stand out naturally.


In the Bokeh Filter menu, there are some interesting choices that you could add for your photos, like to turn the background light into shapes or add the sparkle to your photos.


PS. Live Focus with Bokeh filters is only available on Samsung Galaxy S9+, since the prices between S9 & S9+ now is less than USD$30.


I prefer to get one Samsung Galaxy S9+ for all the package, and I think you might have the same decision with me. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


(You could add light sparkle into your photo with Live Focus.)


AR Emoji

Apple leads the trend with Animoji with iPhone X in 2017, it’s not surprising that Samsung updates AR Emoji to be in the competition.


Simply using your front camera to record your facial expressions and turn them into Emoji. You could use it in Samsung message apps and to make the chat more fun than ever.


Samsung also partners with Disney to create your own AR Emoji with characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and various characters from “The Incredibles”.


I hope there will be more and more popular cartoon characters added in AR Emojis, and it would surely enhance the social-media interactions.


PS. In Jun 2018, Samsung added two more classic Disney characters “Daisy Duck” and “Goofy”. In Jul 2018, the famous Disney movie “Frozen” characters are added in Samsung’s AR Emojis.


In Sep 2019, Zootopia theme is added. It’s good to see more characters added and more to expect in the future.


(Cute Disney characters could be the best choice when you do AR Emojis.)


Live Translation By Bixby

Thanks for the smart Bixby in Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ which is the Samsung’s version of Siri or Google Assistant, now you could use the camera to scan something you don’t understand then it translates to your own language.


Sounds very time saving when traveling abroad!


(Bixby reads and translates to your own language to understand any signs when traveling abroad.)


Bixby is built in your Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+, so with Bixby, you start to see more.


It helps a lot in life like the below demonstration, Bixby tells you where the nearby restaurant is, the calories of your snack & coffee this afternoon, or the things you would like to purchase on your shopping list.


It basically tries its best to let you know everything you need to know!


(Bixby tells you everything if they could recognize the subjects.)


Anyway, since people tend to use more Google map than other apps when traveling overseas, Samsung’s version of local guide might be in vain.


My opinion is given the user qty of google maps(10 billion… wow…), it might be a very competitive way for Samsung to beat it.


(Use the camera to know more about your destinations,Β  and Bixby will be the local guide.)


Intelligence Scan

Not only scan your face to unlock your phone, but Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ also scan your iris to verify you as the owner of this device.


It seems like in Hollywood films that when crossing the forbidden area, you need to scan your eyes, they are the same concept to unlock something.


Even in the low light, you still could unlock your phone with Intelligence scan, it works great! If you don’t prefer much for iris scan, there are still plenty of choices that Samsung has to offer.


The traditional fingerprint, checked. Pattern unlock, checked. Passwords and PIN, of course not a problem!



(There are many choices to unlock your phones in the setting menu.)


Water and dust resistance

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ gets IP68 rating, so you might not be frightened when your hands are wet and dirty.


Some crazy YouTubers tested both S9 & S9+ in the ocean, but both still work well after a short swim or light dive.


You don’t even have to worry about taking out your phone to check the direction when it’s raining, this is a big plus for me since I got lost of direction often.


I need my phone to my navigator rain or shine!


Another concern is when the price gets lower than USD$400, will people treasure Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ the same as the original price when they first purchase?


I think I will love my phone the same no matter the price varies. Give me your ideas?


πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


(S9 & S9+ are IP68 rating and dust resistant.)


Wireless Charging

Finally, we see wireless charging falls on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ which brings lots of conveniences to me and many others too.


In the office, I just need to place my phone on a wireless charging pad and it will help me to do the job.


I tried to wireless charge my Samsung Galaxy S9+, the whole process I didn’t feel it’s overheated at all.


And I could still lay it out on the pad and use it for some texting and emails replying etc. I feel quite safe and easy!


(S9 & S9+ support wireless charging which brings convenience for you not to be tied down all day long.)


DeX Mode

The name of β€œDeX” is the abbreviation of Desktop eXperience. It first came with Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+, then it continues to be supported by Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+. You could use it as a touchpad by connecting it to DeX Pad and a monitor.


Not like Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could still be used as you always do when you connect to the monitor, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ could only be a touchpad when you activate DeX mode.


So if you prefer to use both the monitor and your phone, you may check my review for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which allows you more freedom.


There are some pros & cons for DeX mode with Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+:




1. It’s light and thin to enjoy a desktop-like experience, very easy to carry.
2. You could process more complex jobs under DeX mode.
3. You could code with your phone under DeX mode, a HUGE pro for thousands of engineers in the world.




1. Embarrassed to read personal messages on big monitor.
2. Some applications are not compatible with big monitor.


(DeX mode is the desktop-like experience when you don’t have a real PC around you.)


>>>Check the Latest Price on Amazon<<<



Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ in 2019 is SUPER worthy to purchase since they are quite well-built, strong performance, and good camera. Now, it’s The Best Phone Under USD$400!


So if you do not care much about having a real bezel-less phone on hands, I strongly suggest to put Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ in the list and compare all the advantages that it may bring to your life!


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


(All photos: Samsung)


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