Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review – A EVERYTHING Phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is released on 24 August 2018, we all know it’s “A EVERYTHING Phone” and the overall performance is strong enough to be mentioned thousands of times when comparing the best value phones in 2018.


Let’s follow me to know more.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Product: Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Samsung Exynos 9810
Camera: 8.0 MP(front) / 12MP Wide-angle Camera & 12MP Telephoto Camera
Display: 6.4″ Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2960×1440)
Battery: 4,000mAh
Price: USD$514.99↑( 6GB/8GB RAM & 128GB/256GB ROM)
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon


(There are 6 colors to choose from: blue, black, purple, copper, silver, and white.)


Design & Display

The design of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is with thin bezel on top and bottom, it looks just like Note 8 without any big upgrades.


In the era of a bezel-less smartphone in 2019, I know it’s a bit out-of-date, but when I used it as my daily assistant for every little chore, the bezel on the top and the chin don’t distract me at all.


The screen is 6.4″ and it’s bigger enough for you to watch a video or play games without being affected too much. Samsung also called it a screen which brings you the cinematic experience to a whole new level.


I definitely love the screen on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, since every time I look at the screen, those bold and vivid colors amaze me all the time.


The Super AMOLED screen has record high color accuracy, and it is one of the best phones that has the best color calibration.


(Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is with super powerful S PEN to run all the errands for you.)




Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s GOOD camera set is the same with Note 8, but Samsung first brings Artificial Intelligence to the camera which we don’t see on Note 8, some people called it Scene Optimizer.


Artificial Intelligence helps you to recognize the scene and enhance the white balance, color tone, and color saturation for all your photos.


It’s not surprising for us now since we all get used to the super-powerful AI in most devices in 2019.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 equips with dual-aperture that can open or close to change the amount of light the camera gets just like human eyes.


I tried it in one of my trip to Bangkok and took some photos in very low-light environments. The results were very stunning and beyond my expectations.


The camera does a lot of works to allow more lights in, reduce many noises and keep all the details with OIS(Optical Image Stabilization).


Keeping all the details with OIS is a BIG plus for me since I am a person who cannot hold my phone still and always took blurred photos. (My bad!)


Although I don’t take lots of selfie or portrait photo, I would like to mention that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 lets you to take portrait photo by Live Focus feature and blur out the background & put a spotlight on the main subject.


You could use S PEN to take selfies with your friends or family without too much effort. Simply click the button on S PEN, the photo that we all could memorize is done.


PS. Samsung’s Live Focus means bokeh effect in other smartphone devices. It blurred out the background and make the subject stands out.


If you don’t like the effect of Live Focus, you always have the option to adjust the level of background blur afterward.


(Live Focus could let you blur the background and make the main object stand out naturally.)


S Pen

In 2018, the new generation of S Pen boasts powerful Bluetooth technology(lower energy needed) which makes it look magic. Through all the Pro’s on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, S Pen is my favorite like my true love.


S PEN allows you to take photo remotely in 10 meters, it’s extremely helpful when you take a selfie with friends and family.


Or in any circumstance you are alone, but you want a photo for you with the background, it does the RIGHT job for you. The only thing you need is to simply press the button on S Pen, the photo is done.


S PEN is way more than just taking photos. It could be a presentation tool like a laser pointer, could let you launch apps, switch lenses, many more to mention.


Even being a normal stylus, it’s still the best I’ve seen on any smartphone devices. What else I love about S PEN is the screen off memo, it allows you to write memo when it’s locked.


I think the default setting of S PEN is good to most of us, but you will be surprised how customized it is in S PEN menu. You could fine-tune all the functions to meet your tastes.


PS. Samsung has the S PEN available in black, purple, brown and yellow!


(S PEN allows you to take photo remotely in 10 meters, it’s extremely helpful.)


DeX Mode

The name of “DeX” is the abbreviation of Desktop eXperience. It first came with Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+, then it continues to be supported by Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


This year, Samsung simplified the whole process. You only need to plug an HDMI to USB-C adapter to the Note 9 and any monitor or TV, and it’s done.


While you use the second monitor with DeX mode, you still could use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as you always do simultaneously.


By far, the easiest way for connecting your Note 9 to any monitor or TV is using Samsung’s official USB-C to HDMI adapter.


I think DeX mode in 2018 brings more conveniences than it used to be. If you only need to carry a small HDMI adapter, it would be so much time-saving.


Imagine this, if you stuck in hotels for a business trip and you don’t have personal computers with you, you would only need to connect Note 9 and either TV in your room or maybe a monitor, then all sudden Samsung Galaxy Note 9 became your best office mate!


You now could use it to watch tons of YouTube videos to relax or connect your Bluetooth keyboard to type some very serious paper works.


Sounds very interesting to me!

(While you use the second monitor with DeX mode, you still could use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as you always do simultaneously.)


Water-Carbon Cooling System & Battery

For gamers, you must have the experience that every time you play video games, and your phone just overheated.


I worried about that many times and thoughts like “Is my phone gonna explode soon when I play games” came to my mind quite often.


Samsung read my mind and many other gamers, they designed a water-carbon cooling system to keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cool while still driving super fast.


It won’t stop suddenly in the middle of your important games with other rivals. It supports you to win the game with the advanced Water-Carbon Cooling System.


Water-Carbon Cooling System with heat sink in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is three times larger than the previous one in Note 8. It helps with the heat dissipation.


Samsung mentioned the improvements for Water-Carbon Cooling System in Note 9 could reduce the overheating issue by 21%.


The battery in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also rises to 4,000mAh while Note 8 only gets 3,300mAh. It does lessen the times you are tied down and charge your phone slowly.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 lasts longer, and for someone who only runs basic chores on Note 9, it might last all day long!!!


(Water-Carbon Cooling System with heat sink in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is three times larger than the previous one in Note 8.)


Water and Dust Resistant

Samsung mentioned that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and S PEN could still work when you drop both in the water after 30 minutes & under 1.5 meters.


I don’t really want to test this by myself since I DO NOT want this EVERYTHING PHONE gets any damaged.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and S PEN are sealed from the inside out for the highest rating you can get when it comes to protecting your phone from dust and water: IP68.


Same here, I don’t want any of my precious phones drop in the ocean although I know they are water-resistant.



People tend to become more and more conscious for their privacy on all data about themselves, ranging from your personal details, your shopping history, or your private photos.


We have common senses that the things will get worse if our phones fall on the wrong hands.


So, Samsung initially launched Knox in 2013 March, and this is what Samsung designed to address all the security concerns to free us to think about bigger issues in life.


It gets multi layers to protect both hardware and software from intrusion, malware, and more malicious threats.

(Samsung designs Know to address all the security concerns to free us to think about bigger issues in life.)


Biometric Authentication

The easier word is facial unlock, Samsung called it Biometric Authentication with one more sharp weapon: Iris scanning. Yeah, just like in Hollywood movies, before you enter a lab with access control, you need to scan your eyes.


I know it seems unreal, but Samsung makes it this way to protect our privacy. It’s fun anyway, but if you don’t like it or feel offended when you try to unlock your phone with eyes.


You may choose the traditional way to use your fingerprint scan. 🙂


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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a big, powerful phone with top-tier specs including a massive battery and internal storage that starts at 128GB. It’s a real A EVERYTHING Phone!


S PEN allows you to take selfie in a 10-meter distance as a wireless remote. When it first released in 2018, people concerned the most about the price.


Now, 10 months passed. The price is not an issue since the price will only go down step by step once new model is launching soon: Note 10 or A series new models in 2019.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is getting more worthy with lower cost.


Let’s watch a video from Samsung to show how powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is at work!



I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


(All photos: Samsung)


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