Samsung Galaxy Earbuds – The Best Earbuds in 2019

Samsung released order for Galaxy Buds on 8 March 2019 which came the same time with Galaxy S10 family together, and I recognized they are the Best Earbuds in 2019.


Samsung is competing with Apple with so many products, such as smartphones, AI assistants( Siri vs. Bixby), headphone set, and etc.


I am glad we have alternatives than AirPods for music since it’s quite important to have a pair of good-quality earbuds for a “ME” time.


I also read the news that women with earbuds or Airpods on the street are getting less and less harassment than before. I guess it’s something that we never expect will come in a good way.


Anyway, let’s follow Blablaphones for a better dive! 🙂 🙂 🙂


(Samsung Galaxy Earbuds come in three colors: elegant white, cheery yellow, and low-key black.)


Design & Comfort

Samsung Galaxy Buds come very differently than our imagination of earphones. It’s designed like a seed that we grow something in our garden which is far from Airpods.


There is a small touchpad on the outside of the earbuds, and it is sort of with spectrum-ish & aurora-ish on the surface which makes it looks so different. I used to think this kind of color only appears on Alien’s body or face, but when I see this coming to Samsung Galaxy Earbuds, I didn’t feel weird at all.


I like its light weight and easy to carry, and it fits in your ear so perfectly for the better sound of music that you prefer. When I put those cute earbuds in my ears, I feel they are tight and secure. Even after two hours of use, I didn’t feel pain for my ears.


Each Airpod weighs only 4 g, and each Galaxy bud weighs 5.6 g. Based on my a bit sensitive personality, I don’t feel them dropping out from my ears easily since I touch them often with so much care and LOVE!


(Even after two hours wear, it doesn’t give you a painful feeling around any part of the ears. Also, it looks good on you which is something cool if I see someone wear on the street! )


Simple Control

I love the way Airpods control the music and some intuitive tap control, so does Samsung Galaxy Earbuds.


It will stop the music when it senses you taking it off and resume with a simple tap once you place them back to your ears. Ans with only one touch, you could either make a call or turn up the volumn to fulfill your demands.


It’s really nice and convenient that all the earbuds could be so so smart that we don’t need much effort to tell them work!


Ambient Aware

I like this feature, very smart. It basically lets you decide how much the background sound you want to let in, so you didn’t miss out an important thing in real life.


I quite often find people wear headphone are not in the same world with us since they couldn’t hear a single word that I tried to communicate with them until I tap them.


So imagine this, you are in the airport and you are so eager for music, then you put on your pair of Earbuds on with quick ambient mode on. In that case, you won’t miss the final boarding notice from the ground staff. Sounds very nice to me! A big plus!


Quick Pairing

Simply open the case of the earbuds close to your phone or tablet, once the windows show paired without much effort needed, we are free & good to GO! Be noted to download Samsung Wearable App first for a quick pairing experience!


Some people might face there is no windows pop up to let you know it’s all connected, but when you turn the Bluetooth on, the connecting process is less than 10 seconds. Just try it!


This feature is mainly by the Bluetooth 5.0 which allows you to connect al smart things within 300 meters, and the transfer speed rises to 2 MB/ per sec. It will definitely support a better streaming music experience, and most people will love it!


(Quick Pairing works the best on Samsung smart devices which takes you less than 10 seconds.)


IPX2 Splash-Resistant

In the past, we all faced this situation. We splashed some coffee or drinks on our earphones, so it broke easily then we need to get another pair.


With IPX2 on Samsung Galaxy Earbuds, it could simply prevent many waterdrops flow to your earbuds, still not able to protect your pair like seamless water-resistant. So, please take care of this beautiful & seed-like earbuds like your girlfriend/boyfriend!


🙂 🙂 🙂


Minor Feature

  • Sound Quality: AKG tuned with a rich, premium, and natural sound with dynamic ranges for Galaxy Buds
  • Battery Life: Charge for 15 mins, and it could last for 1.7 or more hours
  • Compatibility: It also works with iPhone just like AirPods also works with Android Phones for most features
  • Work individual: One earbud dies of a flat battery, no worries! You could still use the other one for music


Let’s watch a video that compares Galaxy Earbuds & AirPods:



Top#01 NO Onboard Storage

The previous-gen of Samsung’s Gear Icon X 2018 has little storage onboard(4GB or up to 1000 songs), but Samsung Galaxy Earbuds don’t have the same feature.


So, it really depends on the music streaming service via your apps and the connectivity with your phones. If you are a music freak who care so much about the listening experience, I would suggest skipping this.


As for me, I could put up with it.


Top#02 Microphone Hmm…

The microphone doesn’t work well on Galaxy Earbuds, people complain they couldn’t hear clearly when they making phone calls and it’s full of echoes.


Since I don’t use quite often to make a call via Earbuds, I prefer to call someone with my real phones. But it’s something that might confuse people, Samsung did invest time and money to develop earbuds, and they even put one inner Microphone & one outer on each earbud for the best performance which seems “Not that Good” in many tests.


I hope this issue could be solved with Galaxy Earbuds 2(or other names, you name it!), and I guess it might come with S11 which Samsung plans to launch in early 2020.


Top#03 Ambient Mode doesn’t work with iPhone

Oops, I am not sure Apple fans would loathe or love Samsung Galaxy Earbuds or not, but we do find the Ambient Mode won’t work with iPhones.


So, please keep this in mind that you would not hear any surrounding noises or peoples’ talk when you pair Galaxy Earbuds with iPhones. There is ONLY music is what you could get!


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I like the way Samsung made its Galaxy Buds which is currently the Best Earbuds in 2019. It’s something that finally we have a great choice for wireless earphones other than Apple’s AirPods.


I love the simple bud design, not a stick hanging out of your ear, and the touchpad is quite sensitive which people’s tiny hair will trigger some accidental commands. But, I love it!


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Samsung Galaxy Earbuds or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


(All Photos: Samsung)


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Matt Lin


  1. I usually love all things Samsung but I’m not sure about the idea of wireless earbuds in general. They are obviously quite pricey and my fear is that one will drop out when I’m on a crowded train or crossing the road and bam, that’s it, it’s lost forever or crushed.

    They would have to offer something absolutely amazing for me to try them out so I think I’ll be giving them a miss for now but thanks for another very honest and informative review.

    • Hi drinkteahub,

      You got the same worries as I do, and I cannot say any words against your thoughts. However, I think it’s no HARM to know what other people think about the latest earbuds in this industry, right?

      You are welcome to read more HERE! 🙂 🙂 🙂 

  2. First thing first, I am a Samsung freak and for that reason alone, I have virtually all my gadgets to be of Samsung brand except my laptop.

    This ear bud has really been of great admiration to me since my brother has bought it and I really wish that I can get mine pretty soon too.

    It definitely boasts of some great feature especially the ambience awareness and the splash resistance. I like those two very well. Great post and I’m definitely giving it a go. Thanks

    • Hi RoDarrick,

      I come out with a new way to make you have a pair of Galaxy Earbuds! I see there are some complimentary gifts for those who pre-order a Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+, so maybe you could think about it next time.

      For more info, you could check what others think about it HERE! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I’ve read many articles about a couple of Earbuds and I can say I still prefer Samsung to all others even Apple.

    Comfort is what I enjoy most about Samsung earbuds and the sound quality is dope, the lightweight I so good and there are other interesting specs about it, it’s very easy to control and can be used by anybody.

    I’ll highly recommend Samsung earbuds for those who will like to get, go get yours and check it out.

    • Hi Jones,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback here! I think if you have Samsung Galaxy phones, the pairing and the user experience will boost the highest. I hope you have one Samsung Phone to pair!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      For more feedbacks from SAMSUNG fans, please click HERE no matter bad or good parts!

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