Samsung Galaxy A90 – The Cheapest 5G Phone

Samsung, as a 5G pioneer in the world, released the most affordable & the Cheapest 5G Phone – Samsung Galaxy A90.


It will go firstly on sales in Korea on 4-Sep which was last week, and I am hoping it will actually improving people’s lives by the massive & super-fast downloading speed.


I could only think about all my streaming entertainments will get enahnced by the 5G connectivity, other than that we could wait for time to tell us or 5G giants – Huawei, Samsung or upcoming Apple?


Let’s follow Blablaphones for a better dive! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Product: Samsung Galaxy A90 5G
isplay:  6.7″ AMOLED (1080 x 2400 pixels) 20:9 ratio (393 PPI density)
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855(7 nm)
RAM: 6/8 GB
Storage: 128GB storage, microSD slot slot
Camera:  48.0 MP(wide) + 8.0 MP(ultrawide) + 5.0 MP(depth sensor)
ront Camera:  32.0 MP
Battery: 4,500 mAh and Fast battery charging 25W
 Classy White, Black
Other Features:  Gorilla Glass 6 / Fingerprint (under display & optical)


Design & Display

The design looks like Google Pixel 2’s two-color block design or hTC’s U12 life, but Samsung adds a gradient colors on top of it which makes it look more 2019-ish.


If there is no gradient color on the back, it would be very hard to tell it’s A90 at the first sight. A90 looks just like A70 but with more premium hardwares.


The front is infinity-U design which houses the 32.0MP camera and its 6.7″ screen gives a better cinematic viewing experience.


(The color gradients on the back of Samsung Galaxy A90 makes it recognizable!)



The camera set gets upgrades from A70. A70’s main camera only comes with 32.0 MP, but A90 comes with 48.0 MP.


I know the mega-pixel of camera isn’t a good way to evaluate the camera performance, but when you have two options to choose, I believe you would like to choose the higher pixel one.


Why isn’t a camera with high-pixel better than a low-pixel one? It depends on the sensors of the camera set.


Let’s look at the camera set of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, it is 12.0 MP(wide & OIS) + 12.0 MP(telephone & 2x optical zoom) + 16.0 MP(ultrawide), but it is currently the top#1 on Dxomark smartphone competition.


Next time, people tell you some phones are having a huge mega pixel, you might need to check on the sensors too.


The camera feature of A90 is like the other A series phones.


123º wide-angle lens

123º wide-angle seems a standard feature for all Samsung phone from entry to flagships. in the future, our kids might ask us does the phone without any wide-angle camera exist?


Just like kids tell their teachers in school today “You use 3D printer to print out SAVA icon!” when teacher show them what a floppy disk is. Funny?


You could use this wide-angle lens for any scenic view you want no matter how vast it is, and you could always get the best one!


(Samsung Galaxy A90 could let you take a 123º wide-angle shot for the best scenic photo.)


Bokeh Mode

With the 5.0 MP camera, you could easily adjust the background blur as little or as much as you want. It is something that we could pretend this photo is created by a Pro, but we are not even close!


I have to admit that I am not a person who uses this feature a lot since I look for more natural shots for the city, wildness or people. But, if you soak yourself in social media every second when you breathe(kidding…), A90 would suit you the best!


The best part is you could adjust the background blur before & after the photo is taken. It’s very convenient!


(You could adjust the background blur after or before the photo is taken.)


Super Steady

Samsung emphasizes A90 is the phone for LIVE & socia media, the stabilization of the camera play an important role for that.


Samsung ensures that each moment when you take out your A90 to capture your fast-moving life, it will take the best footage ever for the audience.


Like the below demonstration, even though you two lovely birds are riding the bikes to avoid people seeing you together at the beach, but A90 sees very clearly!


(No matter how faster you move, A90 will record the footage in a stable condition.)


Performance & Battery

A90 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 which we also see in Galaxy S10 family & Note 10 series. So, the chipset is the same with the flagships in 2019, it’s hard to see A90 is not a flagship but a mid-ranger phone.


The battery is 4,500 mAh which is amazing and the same as A70. But it’s still the early beginning for 5G, no one could stand up and say the connectivity won’t run out all of the battery in a short time. Let’s wait and see.


Next year in 2020, we have some great news that Samsung would bring a bigger battery for A series phones. Let’s hoping all the phones would be upgraded with a two-year evolution soon just like what they did on Note 10!


(Samsung A90 is the first 5G phone for its famous A series, and it’s the top#1 choice now if you would like to try 5G in 2019.)



Top#01 5G connectivity

Since it’s the early stage of 5G, we don’t know much for the future 5G generation. And it’s still needed for another year or twon for the mature.


Currently, I am hoping the battery won’t go off when we are enjoying the speed. And, hoping it won’t happen for the battery explosion like S7.


Top#02 Camera without OIS

OIS stands for Optical Image Stabilization and it was on each camera of most flagships in 2019. But, I am a person who cannot hold my phone still for a best shot.


So, I rely on the OIS much to capture all the beautiful moments. A90 comes wtih no OIS which is something I need to think about skip for the flagships like S10 or Note 10 this year.


Top#03 The Price

Not sure the price in your region, but the price marked as USD$750 in Korea. It depends on whether you choose to be a 5G pioneer or still a 4G user with the same price.


In this case, I will definitely go for the flagships last year with the same price. 🙂 🙂 🙂


>>>A90 is Not Released Yet in Your Region? Check Samsung Galaxy A70 First!<<<



I love the idea that Samsung releases Galaxy A90 which makes it the current cheapest 5G phone for everybody.


Although it’s still the early stage of 5G, we could expect more to come in future for all the powerful innovations that work well with 5G and our smartphones at our hands.


It’s like a long while that we didn’t feel excited as iPhone 4S first introduced by Steve Jobs back to 2011. Let’s wait and see more great news soon!


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Samsung Galaxy A90 5G or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


Watch the below video for more info:


(All Photos: Samsung)


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Matt Lin


  1. Selling a Samsung phone with such amazing specs at a price as cheap as that is awesome. I love the phone because of it amazing specs and the notch screen is adorable and its really good that Samsung release  Galaxy A90 which is currently then cheapest phone with 5G network.

    I’m looking forward to laying my hands on one of this phone, but the only worry I have is the battery durability. This post is really informative and interesting, I like it. 

    • Hi Jones, 

      Yeah, but unfortunately it only got released in Korea so far. You might need to wait a little longer for your region.

      But, you could still try A70 first HERE to imagine A90!

  2. The idea of 5G still generally scares me. Do you think it could post any health risk to us? Although I have watched the manufacturers say 5G is nothing to worry about.

    The super fast download speed is worth going for. Also, videos will now play on our devices easily without breaking up.

    I’m a Samsung fan so, I’ll be willing to go for the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G phone.

    Thanks for bringing to us this information on trending phones. 

    • Hi grea8J,

      Thanks for coming back and leaving your honest feedbacks! 5G is still in the early stage, so there are many uncertain things that we are sure now. I am like you to expect to see more updates from the 5G giants – Samsung & Huawei, and I hope the results are all good for us.

      Please click HERE for more updates for 5G from Samsung. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi Matt. Thank you for sharing the 5G phone by Samsung. While the potential of 5G is not made known to the consumer world, there are many business use for this technology.

    This Samsung phone may help the businesses to meet their needs for faster connectivity. For companies wanting to tap into this technology,  this model is great to get started with.

    Can’t wait for it to launch in Singapore.

    Warmest Regards. Marc

    • Hi Marc,

      Yes, I am still waiting for the official launch news in my region too, this moment I dislike the truth I am not born in Korean to have the first-hand news for Samsung’s 5G experience. But, anyway, thanks for stopping by and leave your comment here.

      For any 5G updates from Samsung, please have a read HERE first!

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