Samsung Bixby Review – Top 5 Features You Just Missed!

Samsung got its version of Siri & Google assistant, it helps you send messages, reschedule the meeting time, making a reservation for dinner, and call a Uber driver in 10 mins. I listed out Top 5 Features you just missed if don’t continue read further  🙂 🙂 🙂


Here are Top 5 features you just missed of Bixby, let Blablaphones remind them for you as quick as possible!


🙂 🙂 🙂



Top#5 Bixby Voice

“Bixby can do a lot! I know that already.” Yeah, I get that response always. Sometimes people forgot that Bixby is built into your apps, so you can just tell your Bixby to do the job in different apps.


Press the Bixby Key to open the Bixby Voice Assistant menu. Then, swipe to the left. You will see every compatible app that works with Bixby. When you want to try out a command, press and hold the Bixby button. When Bixby is listening, say your command.


Bixby voice allows you to choose from 4 different voice styles which are Stephanie, Lisa, Julia, and John. When you talk to Bixby, the Bixby logo shows differently under different characters.


Bixby voice reminds me of the film called  “Her”, Theodore talks to Samantha all the time, and they developed a special relationship. Once Bixby or any other cloud assistant grow super strong, we will not be surprised maybe…


(You could check what apps work with Bixby.)


This works quite well with Bixby Key or you call it Bixby button, and I wonder what if Samsung Galaxy Note 10 come out without any physical buttons? Will this change and evolve again? Give me your ideas 🙂 🙂 🙂


Top#4 Bixby Home

Simply swipe from the home screen, Bixby Home arrives. The information here is based on your location and show you the related data you need to know at any time.

There are also many cards you also could choose to show on Bixby Home, just enable them and you are able to glance what you really want on Bixby Home.


If some apps you love a lot, you could choose “Pin to Top“, then it will show on top of any other cards on your Bixby Home. Since I drive to work every day, I pin “weather” to the top.


(You could customize cards you like to glance without really opening apps.)


Bixby is smart enough to learn your daily use of your Samsung devices then predict the info you might need at a specific time.


In the morning, you always do workout or yoga before going to work. Bixby might let you know the weather, your playlist, or the alarm for morning gym routine.


At lunchtime, Bixby might show you some fun posts on social media like Facebook or Instagram since we tend to scroll down all these two when we eat lunch. Or Bixby may let you know the videos you might be interested for you in your lunch break, too.


After sunset, Bixby might tell you the shopping list before going home, the time to eat with your family, or call a Uber driver in 10 mins.


Bixby is so smart that you might fall in love with.


(Bixby learns your daily life pattern and shows you all the info you might need.)


Top#3 Bixby Key

You could customize Bixby Key when you single press or double press. By default, it is set as single press to launch Bixby Voice.


Now, you may also choose double press to activate Bixby and pick one of your most used apps when you single press Bixby Key.


Top#2 Bixby Routines

In the setting menu, you click “Advanced Features” then you could see “Bixby Routines“. It’s like a famous website called IFTTT(if this, then that) help you to do many things without too much thinking.


Simply go the “Recommended”, there are options like “Work”, “Home”, “Driving” etc…


Take “Home” Bixby Routines for example, if the location of your place is assigned, then you arrive home every single day, Bixby will turn on the Wi-Fi connections of your device, change the silent mode to sound mode, and turn the voice wake-up on automatically.


No need to mention every single option here, but life will definitely get so much easier with Bixby Routines.


I kinda hope that Bixby Routines will extend through all Samsung SmartThings at Home, like lights, doors, fridge or laundry machines.


I could simply set up once I leave my porch, then all the lights will be turned off and the doors will be locked. What a smart home 🙂 🙂 🙂


PS. Remember to set up your routines in “Recommended” first, once you save your favorite routines, it will appear under “My routines”. If you don’t really like it, you could come back later to do some adjustments.


Top#1 Bixby Vision

Now you could use the camera to scan something you don’t understand then Bixby translates to your own language. Sounds very time saving when traveling abroad!


(Bixby reads and translates to your own language to understand any signs when traveling abroad.)


With Bixby, you start to see more. It helps a lot in life like the below demonstration, Bixby tells you where the nearby restaurant is, the calories of your snack & coffee this afternoon, or the things you would like to purchase on your shopping list.


It basically tries its best to let you know everything you need to know!


(Bixby tells you everything if they could recognize the subjects.)


Anyway, since people tend to use more Google map than other apps when traveling overseas, Samsung’s version of local guide might be in vain. My opinion is given the user qty of google maps(10 billion… wow…), it might be a very competitive way for Samsung to beat it.


(Use the camera to know more about your destinations,  and Bixby will be the local guide.)



Bixby could be really helpful for people like me, a lazy sloth at home.


So if you like to relax and watch YouTube videos without thinking too much for some house chores or info you need to google every time, I highly recommend you all should set up Bixby to be your home butler, travel guide, or your personal assistant.


(All photos : Samsung)

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Samsung Bixby or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


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