OPPO Reno Review – 5 Things You Should Know About

OPPO launched OPPO Reno with the best 10x hybrid zoom which is considered the strongest competitor of Huawei P30. I also listed out 5 Things You Should Know About OPPO RENO, don’t miss it today!


Product: Reno 10x Zoom
Qualcomm SDM710 / SM8150
Camera: 48MP & 5MP / 48MP + 8MP + 13MP
Display: 6.4” / 6.6” AMOLED on-cell
Battery: 3765mAh / 4065mAh
Price: $799.99 ↑(6GB/128GB)


Appearance & Design

First of all, Reno‘s design is very nice and clean. There is no notch nor hole-punch dot on the screen comparing to Samsung S10 series and iPhone last year. Although there is thin bezel on the bottom(3.5mm), that doesn’t matter much when you use it for a few days after.


For the color, Oppo offers two choices of gradient colors to match your favorite. One is Ocean Green, and the other is Jet Black. I personally tend to pick up the black or matte black color since it’s very invisible if any stain or scratch on the phone.


But, for this Ocean Green looks pretty when you hold the phone and turn to different angles, the color reflects different green temperatures which I love it.


(Oppo offers two choices of gradient colors to match your favorite. One is Ocean Green, and the other is Jet Black.)


Camera- Standard & 10x Zoom!

Oppo first showed the world with their impressive 5x optical zoom on a smartphone at MWC Barcelona in 2017.


OPPO’s world-famous zoom technology amazed us with 5x optical zoom in 2017 without any loss images. After 2 years, they bring us the 10x hybrid zoom to capture anything you like.


With a 48MP ultra-clear main camera, 13MP Telephoto Lens and 8MP Wide-angle Lens, you could easily take perfect photos for any photography such as wide-angle scenic photos, selfie portrait, 10x hybrid zoom and even 4K video filming.


IMAGINE THIS, you are at the beach, but you are afraid of water, so you stand far from the crowds are swimming, surfing or simply playing water.


Now you could use OPPO Reno standard or 10x version to take photos for someone you like in the ocean or capture the view with the horizon at the back without much to worry about.


(OPPO Reno’s 10x zoom helps you for the best shots every time.)


Or, you are near-sighted and cannot see very clear for some signs on the street or outside a building, you could take a photo of that subject then zoom in for more details on hand. At that moment, you will be amazed by the clarity that Reno brings you for the image.


(Another proof of the best results taken by OPPO Reno’s 10x zoom and wide-angle cameras!)


The other cool stuff for Reno, they are dual OIS & 120° Wide-angle Lens. OIS is known as Optical Image Stabilization, if you are in motion or on a bumpy ride, you definitely need OIS.


OPPO mentioned the tri-lens adopts a closed loop motor for faster precision focus and eliminating blur. I think it’s for someone like me cannot really hold their phones still and always take blurred photos. With OIS, it could save me lots of time for a better quality photo.


For 120º wide angle lens, it’s no need to say more. Everyone understands that wide angle is very ideal for landscape photography to include more details in the photo. It’s also a good way to let more people in the frame for a meeting, reunions, or just outings.


So, what if we combine all of 10x zoom, dual OIS, and 120° Wide-angle Lens features, Reno for me is ensuring any photo or video that I take is to be 100% perfect and definitely easy to create day and night.


(OPPO Reno 10x zoom camera set comes with 48MP + 8MP + 13MP set!)


The Pizzalike Front Camera

16MP selfie camera is housed in a wedge-shaped notch which resembles a slice of pie or pizza to me! 🙂 I think it is designed for a real whole screen experience since there are tons of critics about notch design since 2018.


The front camera is fixed at one end and will rise from the other with rotation. It’s faster than you could predict which only takes 0.8 seconds (not even one sec) to pop-up, SUPER FAST!


(I like the pizza-like pop-up selfie camera from OPPO RENO!)


Ultra Night Mode 2.0

In recent years, night-sight technology has developed a lot. First, Google did it in their famous software enhancement with Pixel 3. Now, every other brand tries to best its hardware and software algorithm altogether for the competition.


The Reno 10x Zoom is equipped with the superior Sony IMX 586 48MP Super HD camera, 1/2.0” ultra-large sensors, f/1.7 ultra-large aperture. It’s believed that this advanced equipment offers me protection from overexposure and details in low-light area.


Let’s see some results from the internet, those people are crazy for those incredible night-sight shots!

(Photo credit: Eric Cheung)

(Photo credit: Eric Cheung)

(Photo credit: Eric Cheung)

Hidden Fingerprint Unlock

Besides the camera, OPPO is one of the main competitors in the screen fingerprint unlocking area. OPPO has a strong knowledge of optical screen fingerprint recognition, this year OPPO Reno series combined with a more efficient algorithm for faster unlocking which is mentioned that the speed increased by 28% compared with OPPO R17.



The first, OPPO Reno is not waterproof due to its camera design. The mechanical structure of the front camera and other small motors make it impossible to have a waterproof feature. So must be careful when you are close to any scene that includes lots of water.


The second, hard to repair. All the other brands have the same issue since they are running the competition for a whole screen with no notch and hole-punch dots but with a powerful camera with AI implementation, night-sight, and fully functional front camera.


The internal structure is becoming more and more complex these days, so if your phone got some issues, it becomes harder and harder to repair or the repair charge is almost as same as buying a new one.


You don’t even see another smartphone with the same design of OPPO Reno series, so it could be assumed that for some small mechanical kits to be replaced, they are also difficult to get.


The third, weight and thickness. OPPO Reno gets a power camera I know! To make this happened, OPPO sacrifices the thickness which makes it 9.3mm. Comparing to iPhone XR’s 8.3mm, it’s legit 1mm more.


Don’t think it’s nothing, if you put this with the weight issue on the same table, I feel like my wrist will yell at me like “Hey, I’m done with this heavy stuff!”


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