LG G8 ThinQ Review – The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth for LG smartphone is that LG smartphones are not beyond our imagination when you compared to other flagships in the smartphone industry.


But, LG is not giving up the smartphones since LG introduces many smart devices as LG signature product line mainly for the home appliances in our daily life, and I find them are quite competitive.


So, LG please work harder and let us see more innovations for your phone, or it will simply become a remote control for our smart home appliances.


Let’s follow Blablaphones for a better dive! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Product: LG G8 ThinQ
6.1″ OLED (1440 x 3120 pixels) 19.5:9 ratio (564 PPI density)
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Storage: 128GB storage, microSD slot
Camera:  12.0 MP(standard + OIS) + 16.0 MP(ultrawide, 107º)
Front Camera:  8.0 MP(wide, 80º)
Battery: 3,500 mAh and Fast battery charging 21W
 Platinum Gray, New Aurora Black, New Moroccan Blue, Carmine Red
Other Features:  Corning Gorilla Glass 5(front) & 6(front) / fingerprint (rear-mounted) / IP68 dust & water proof


(LG G8 ThinQ has three colors to choose from, but it varies by the carriers.)


Product: LG G8s ThinQ
6.21″ OLED (1080 x 2248 pixels)  (401 PPI density)
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Storage: 64GB/128GB storage, microSD slot
Camera:  12.0 MP(standard + OIS) + 12.0 MP(telephoto + 2x optical zoom) + 13.0 MP(ultrawide, 136º)
Front Camera:  8.0 MP(wide, 80º) + TOF 3D camera
Battery: 3,550 mAh and Fast battery charging 18W
 Mirror Black, Mirror Teal, Mirror White, Carmine Red, New Aurora Black, New Moroccan Blue
Other Features:  Corning Gorilla Glass 5 / fingerprint (rear-mounted) / IP68 dust & waterproof


(LG G8s has three cameras for the rear camera set which makes it stronger than LG G8!)


Design & Display

The screen on LG G8 ThinQ must be the brightest one that I’ve experienced recently. Let’s look at the pixel – 1440 x 3120 pixels which is something I see the best for any flagships.


When you touch it and swipe up and down, the screen delivers a premium contrast, striking clarity, and vivid & vibrant colors.


It’s hard to compete with LG since they also make OLED panels for Apple and themselves, and its Korean brother – Samsung might be ONLY one of the smartphone manufacturers could join the OLED contest so far.


I love the simple design of LG G8 & G8s since they look for a balance without too much surprise, and it’s low-key for some certain types of smartphone users.


LG calls it “minimalist” design which I can totally relate, although some people might find it tedious and lack of innovations.



The camera performance of LG G8 & G8s is good, but not reach the level of extraordinary!


We all know iPhone has the world-famous “Portrait Mode”, Google pixel has “Night Sight”, Huawei & Honor have “Macro Mode”, and Samsung has “Live Focus”. Let’s go deep in our memories again, what are the LG phones’ special features?


LG fans would say there is one default camera feature called “Cine shots” and it’s only available on any LG phones with a triple camera set. But, it doesn’t make a scene like iPhone’s “Portrait Mode”, right?


Basically, everything you could think of a smartphone camera, LG does include all features in their camera too.


  • Wide-Angle(107º or 136º): Take photos with the wide-angle lens for a photo which is rich in details
  • Portrait Mode: Using the TOF 3D camera on G8s to creating a background blurring
  • Studio Lighting: 7 lightings makes you stand out from a normal portrait photo like a PRO
  • AI CAM: Detect your scene automatically with the default 19 categories and 4 filter options


(The AI CAM of LG G8 camera has 19 categories which help you for the best shot, and you could also adjust the filter result from 4 options by default.)



LG does a good job for the photoshoot, but the video recording needs to develop more based on the Dxomark website.


Shortcut to Dxomark on LG G8:


  • Pros: good details indoor zoom image
  • Cons: some color casts, noise, and ringing when zooming


  • Pros: effective stabilization of low-frequency motion
  • Cons: coarse spatial noise in the shadows in low light

(LG G8 got overall 99 scorings on Dxomark smartphone list which is currently top#25, and I think it’s not bad.)


Circulatory Pattern

By the front camera, it’s smart to remember your palm and recognize your one of a kind circulatory pattern to unlock your phone. You could either use it for the Face ID to unlock the phone too.


(LG G8s has a special Z camera on the front set which allows you to do face unlock and air motions to control your phone without touching the beautiful screen.)


Wanna learn more about this feature, let’s watch a video:


Air Motion

It’s the most hyped feature from LG G8 series, and it also got many criticisms for only being gimmicks which is not really shaping the world with “Air Motion”.


It reminds me of Google Pixel 4’s soli project, but I worry it would end up like LG G8 & G8s. Finger crossed for Google!


LG G8’s front camera could read your palm and remember it, then next time you could turn your palm to unlock your phone from 6-8 inches away. Or you could set some hand gestures for launching your most-used apps, accepting calls, or taking a selfie.


Let’s find out more about this feature more:


01. Wake your phone up, then you could turn your hand to the front camera to swipe right or left to launch your favorite apps.


02. You could also use air motion to accept or decline incoming calls, snooze your alarm, or stop the timers.


03. It’s time to use air motion to tell your front camera for a selfie. Simply make a fist then the camera will understand and give you time for the best selfie shot!


04. How to do the screenshot with touchless air motion? Don’t worry, turn your hands toward the front camera, when you see the capture icon, just pinch then all done!


05. For some hardcore music lovers, LG also gets something for you. Turn your hand to the front camera, swipe left to pause music, and swipe right to resume play. Or you could pose your hand like you are grasping something round then turn it left to volume down or turn it right to make it louder!


Performance & Battery

Since LG G8 & G8s both come with Snapdragon 855, they are very ok to run your normal chores no matter for texting, surfing the internet with Google apps, or shopping throught various e-commerce apps.


The battery part is a bit lower than expectation. 3,550mAh for LG G8s and 3,500mAh for LG G8, comparing the current mid-rager phone could get a 6,000mAh battery, LG G8 & G8s look like something less competitive!


Minor Features

  • Speaker screen: the entire screen will be your speaker when you listen to your playlist
  • Headphone jack: it’s one of the few phones now still has a headphone jack
  • LG Pay by NFC: it’s the same as Apple pay or Samsung pay
  • Two-year warranty: one-year warranty is basic, but LG offers the 2nd year warranty for free
  • Video depth control on G8s: allows you to blur out the background for any video
  • Triple camera set on LG G8s: It comes with three types of lense – standard, super-wide angle, and telephoto



Top#01 No Accurate Air Motion

Air motion is the most hyped feature on both LG G8 & G8s, but the execution is really poor. I cannot wait 5-10 seconds just for it recognizes my palm then go for the next step, and most of the time, I touch the screen directly to run some errands quickly.


So, it is better that LG puts more time and effort to develop this feature close to 100% correct and less time for processing, then it will definitely a big plus for me. Otherwise, I’d rather turn the entire air motion off and touch the beautiful screen instead!


Top#02 The Camera

Overall speaking, LG G8 & G8s are both good phones. But, I think the camera doesn’t deserve the price although it’s getting lower and lower now when LG introduces more advanced models.


It’s lack of something that will convince people the camera is extraordinary, and you are always expecting more from LG G8 & G8s’ cameras.


Top#03 No Regular Software Update

The software update is highly questionable based on LG’s history, and it will get so many problems when your phone doesn’t get updates which debug many issues from users’ feedback.


Samsung used to be like this, but they changed a lot and make the regular software update on the schedule. So, LG needs to learn/copy/steal from them too!


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The Ugly Truth about LG’s G8 & G8s is you try hard to find it compete with the price. It’s good for its hardware design, call quality, the beautiful screen, and the headphone jack.


if you don’t care there is no something make these two phones stand out from the crowd, it would be nice you have it for normal daily use. But, if you do, I would suggest you try its Korean brother – Samsung first to avoid being heartbroken in later phases.


Buying a smartphone is like picking your lover, once you get to know more about it, you would want to split! So, must be careful and thorough before making the purchase. 🙂 🙂 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about LG G8 Series or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


(All Photos: LG)


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Matt Lin


  1. Wow, I really like those phones especially the LG G8s ThinQ, its so amazing, who wouldn’t love those specs, triple camera, Air motion and all. But to be realistic, LG hasn’t been doing that much as I expected, but i believe progress is not a thing of force, a pace at a time, technology is advancing so they shouldn’t be stagnant. I enjoyed reading through this post, I like the ThinQs, they should make a wave in market. Thanks.

    • Hi Jones, love to see you back and leaving your honest feedback! I love the screen on LG G8 since it got a higher pixel density which always shows a brighter screen. I think you’re correct about LG for not bringing us the most advanced cool features in their flagships, but we should not push them so hard for it. 

      OK…I would like LG could introduce something more exciting like LG V50 thinQ with a dual-screen

  2. Oh wow.  I really love the look of the LG G8;  It is sleek, sexy and minimalist.  I love it.  I currently have one of the older models LGs which has been great to use, but an upgrade is certainly necessary soon.

    I am thrilled to know that there are so many “extra additions” which have been included for the camera on this phone. 

    I love the sound of “Air Motion” – and i really like that fact that you can control your phone by moving your hand.  That is just supercool – but I suppose I have to be patient for part of this part to be developed further.

    I really think your reviews are great.  You give good advice.

    I will let you know in the near future what my new choice of mobile phone will be


    • Hi Renée, glad you like my review! 🙂 🙂 🙂 If you are interested in LG phones, I would suggest you read my review on LG V50 thinQ too before making a purchase. Click HEREto know more!

  3. This is really cool. I been having this Android Pie for a while now and I was thinking about getting the LG G8. So I decided to do a little research and I am glad I came across your article. I like to know exactly everything about a phone before I purchase it and you explained it all in great detail in your review. I love the cool camera features and how the finger print is rear-mounted which makes for quicker access. Great article, very helpful and I am definitely to check this phone out some more.

    • Hi Garrett, 

      Yeah, overall speaking LG G8 is a good phone with normal camera, simple design and a very beautiful screen which I love the most! You are more than welcome to check once more before making any decision. 🙂

  4. Hi there Matt, the technology of smartphones these days is nothing short of amazing, I’m old enough to remember a time when you had to find a public phone box if you needed to call someone, and photographs had to be sent off to be developed, it took up to two weeks before we got to see them and if we needed to find information, we went to the library, yet here we are today with all these things held in one hand with instant access, did I say nothing short of amazing, I should of said it’s absolutely amazing, the smartphones that you recommend here really are very affordable and well worth the money when you consider what you get from a smartphone and with Christmas fast approaching they would make the perfect gift, thank you for sharing this post.    

    • Hi Russ, yeah, you are correct! 

      Technology advances every day, so we get the most powerful smartphone on our hands every single month. It’s hard not to rely on the convenience smartphone brings to the world, and it’s getting so addictive for the social-media generations. 

      Love the truth that you came a long way to see it happened, and let’s go further for more exciting news in the near future!

  5. I love the design and build quality of the LG G8 phone. It is also very comfortable front camera that allows us to perform facial unlocks and air movements without touching the screen. 

    It allows me to accept or reject incoming calls using air movement. 

    I like the LG G8 phone it will take me a little more time to decide. 

    Excellent review Thank you!

    • You are welcome, Claudio! It’s time to expect more from LG since the air-motion could be so much better if there is no latency or even no reation at all. Let’s wait for Google Pixel 4 to see how it’s gonna be on Pixel 4? Click HERE for some leaks first. 🙂

  6. Thank you for this great LG G8 review. The hand recognition technology is really cool. The cameras must have been pretty good because they got a good score on dxomark. I think that the air motion thing is pretty cool. I’ve had apps which try to do that, my favorite is the shake app, where I can shake my phone to play or pause the music player. 

    So this would be a more advanced version of that. This one, where you could actually pretend you are turning a knob in order to adjust the volume, is really exciting! It will take it to a whole new level. That’s nice that it still has a headphone jack, some people don’t want to use Bluetooth and they need the ability to put in headphones. 

    Your review was very thorough and well written, and will definitely help people with their purchasing decisions. Have a great day!

    • Yes, overall speaking, if a smartphone could get more than 100 scorings for its photo performance, I would say the result is not going easy to fail you. I am also glad you got the “Headphone Jack” point from my review of LG G8 & G8s, and I think it’s important for someone who really cares about the sound quality.

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