iPhone X review – The First Notch Phone?

Apple launched iPhone X in 2017 as a revolutionary milestone for Apple’s 10th anniversary. I think it’s the first notch phone in the smartphone industry that we could cope with notch design without being affected too much.


And till now, other competitors still use the variant notch designs for 2019 new models. It’s obvious that the great artists steal, don’t you think so?


Let’s have a closer look for iPhone X with Blablaphones. 🙂 🙂 🙂


iPhone X

(iPhone X. Photo credit: Phonearena)


Product: iPhone X
Display: 5.8 inches OLED (1125 x 2436 pixels)
Chipset: Apple A11 Bionic
Storage: 256 GB, not expandable
Camera: 12.0 MP +  12.0 MP optical zoom camera 
Front Camera:
7.0 MP
Battery: 2716 mAh and support Qi wireless charging


Design & Display

For notch design, some people might say the notch is ugly and not very Apple style.


Actually, there are eight small components inside the notch, such as the dot projector, infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, 7 MP (megapixel) trueDepth camera, front microphone, and one of your iPhone’s speakers.


That’s the reason from engineering aspects.  🙂 🙂 🙂


Let’s reminisce all the GREAT design that Apple delivers in the past, then think about iPhone X. I have to say that the first couple of days, it might take a while not to notice the notch, but you get used to it very soon.


Apple is a super powerful company, notch design is also accepted and implemented in other competitors flagships since 2017.


We still could see the variant of infinity-U and infinity-V design on Samsung Galaxy A Series this year, right?


The display is called “Super Retina” by Apple for iPhone X. The colors shown on the screen are really something I CANNOT complain, they all look so premium to me.


The area on both sides of notch now is only for the notifications such as percentage of battery,  time of your location, and your telecom carrier. I think it won’t affect you to use iPhone X at all.


Only when you watch Youtube video or play games, you could enlarge the screen to its fullest. There will be a notch no showing video content, but I think people won’t really notice the notch.


People tend to recognize the notch design is one of iPhone X’s great innovations, not to criticize anymore.



I was most thrilled about the camera set since this is something that the generation of social media loves the most.


Apple re-designed and made the vertical camera set which is also the first iPhone has a vertical camera set.


Compared with the previous iPhones, iPhone X’s dual camera both get OIS(Optical Image Stabilization). It helps you to take photos without getting many possibilities of blurring.


The bokeh mode now looks so natural. With new modes to choose under Portrait mode, you could choose “stage light mono” to make yourself stand out for a best selfie or portrait photo.


What I care about is does the camera take me many times just for one perfect photo?


With iPhone X, the answer is “NO!” It’s highly possible to take a perfect photo when the light is not so bad.


Bokeh mode in iPhone X

(Bokeh mode blurred out the background super naturally. Photo credit: Apple)


Face ID

Your Face is your passwords, love this slogan!!!


Comparing the previous iPhones that allow you to unlock your phones with your fingers, Face ID needs you to face the notch to unlock your phone.


So imagine I am in a meeting with important customers, I need my phone to check something maybe the time for next meeting or another schedule, it’s not possible to lift my phone and face me and do the unlock process…


In this situation, I might need to go back to use passwords to unlock my phone like old times. Just not very cool…


But there is still something extraordinary about Face ID which is its learning progress. There are some friends of mine said that they used iPhone X for a few months and it unlocks in different situations.


At first, they could unlock it by scanning your face when you wear something that covers part of your face such as helmets. After a while, it works well when you wear a helmet and unlock your iPhone which seems so nice and smart.


Or when you wear a mask when the air pollution is serious in your region, you could teach Face ID to learn your face with a mask.


Face ID for me is 90% good, but the original touch ID is close to 99% perfect.


Face ID

(Face ID will learn to recognize your face with time. Photo credit: Apple)



Comparing to ASUS ZenFone 6’s battery 5,000mAh, iPhone X only gets 2,716 mAh.


I know to compare with the 2019 model is not fair, I know… I just cannot help to compare…


it’s almost double the battery. 2,716 mAh battery means you might run out it very soon and you need to be tied down quite often for charging.


I am also amazed by the technology that could equip a larger battery these days to meet people’s needs and set us free more.


No More Home Button

Swipe up to “home screen”.


Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause, you could see “multitask” that all recent apps you used.


Swipe right from the Home or Lock screen, you could find information from apps.


Swipe down from the middle of the screen, it’s for you to search anything on your iPhone X or on the internet!


Swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen, to adjust setting and apps in control centers.


This concept was really mind-blowing when it first launched in 2017, then its followers use the same gestures as iPhone X.


It was designed to push the bottom bezel very thin and make screen-to-body ration higher. I also love this intuitive design which makes iPhone X very very human without impacting my daily use.



Use gestures to navigate your iPhone X and later

(Use different gestures to navigate your iPhone X. Photo credit: Apple)



Dxomark score of iPhone X

(Dxomark gave 101 scorings for iPhone X’s still photo performance, it was the top#1 back in 2017. Photo credit: Dxomark)


Let me make it short and easier to understand from Dxomark’s reviews:


  • Photo Pros: very good for still photos with all details and less noise. Bokeh mode looks super natural.
  • Photo Cons: autofocus is slow and ghosting artifacts occurred for moving objects
  • Video Pros: Good stabilization and good details preservation
  • Video Cons: NOT very good in low-light environments



Other downsides

Top#01 Burn-in OLED screen

People talk about this quite often when it comes to iPhone X. Some unlucky customers get a burn-in OLED iPhone X, a Korean company did some test to know whether it’s easy to have burn-in on our iPhone X or not.


They mentioned the area on both sides of the notch is the place where gets the most burn-in. It takes about 510 hours to leave burn-in if the screen keeps showing the same content. 510 hours = 21.25 days.

burn-in on iPhone X

(Burn-in on iPhone X’s OLED screen. Photo credit: Phonearena)


Top#02 Green lines issue

Green lines appear close to the sides of the screen, there are two reasons for this.


The first one is the quality issue from iPhone X’s OLED supplier – Samsung which happens to be its strongest competitor in the smartphone industry. Will it be a conspiracy? Well, I don’ know…


The 2nd reason shows Apple is new to OLED screen, so the yield rate is not high enough which caused the green line issue.


Apple’s feedback on green line issue is if you are still in warranty, they will provide you a renewed iPhone X. If you are in the first 7 days after you purchase iPhone X, Apple will give a whole new phone for you!


Green line issue on iPhone X

(Green line on iPhone X. Photo credit: Phonearena)


Top#03 slow charging speed

Using the charger that comes with iPhone X, the speed is like FOREVER. So, there are more and more people use wireless charging pad or the charger comes with iPad or Macbook to charge your iPhone X.


And back to 2017, rumor had it that Apple would launch Air Power soon. However, after 2 years, we still not see Air Power coming and the project is officially canceled by Apple.


The battery and charging speed is always something that Apple might need to improve a lot just like Samsung.


iPhone X supports wireless charging

(The iPhone X also supports Qi wireless charging. Photo credit: Phonearena.)



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iPhone X is really mind-blowing with a proper notch design which I think it’s the first notch phone in the smartphone industry


I like the camera set, face ID, and the intuitive gestures by my fingers. There are some minor pros I don’t mention above such as Apple pay (I didn’t use that much), IP 67 rating (I didn’t want my precious baby drop into the ocean!)


if you look for an iPhone which always takes great photos for you, iPhone X must be on the list.


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about iPhone X or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


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iPhone X








Build Quality




Matt Lin


  1. Awesome this is such a great review!! I actually just bought the iPhone 7 but I am interested in the X for the next purchase (hopefully when more have come out and the price has reduced!)

    Thanks for giving such an honest review and explaining some of the faults and downsides to the iPhone X too. Sometimes you don’t see reviews with this so I really appreciate it

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your honest feedback! Every time when a new iPhone launches, all old modes’ prices would be reduced.

      It’s a great time for those people who don’t need the latest and the most attractive features, and I am one of them. 

      Please check HERE for more price reduction today while it’s still available!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. That’s so cool that you use your face to unlock your phone. When the facial recognition can be that good, you know it’s good technology. I like the photo, and how it sharpens the image of the person’s face, while blurring the background. That’s neat about no more home button.

    Just swipe to get to the home screen. Very easy. 

    That’s interesting about the burn-in but is that only if you leave your phone with the screen on and the same image on the screen for over 21.25 days?

    If that’s the case then it doesn’t sound like an issue since people wouldn’t purposely leave their screen on the same thing for that long. 

    • Hi C,

      This is a good question to any OLED screen in the smartphone industry, and I think “Yes!” for it. It’s rare that we keep display the screen for over 21.25 days which is 510 hours, so please go ahead to know MORE for iPhone X. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Thank you for writing this detailed review of the iPhone X.

    I actually have one and it’s nice to see that you’ve compared it (at least briefly) to phones of today. I bought the iPhone X when it was released almost two years ago. I skipped the iPhone Xs release and just recently decided to skip the iPhone 11 options too.

    Other than more battery time, they just aren’t worth the expense to upgrade. I love my Apple products but still, I don’t need to upgrade every year.  I have a 2016 MacBook Pro, the first generation 12.9″ iPad Pro, a 3rd generation Apple Watch and the iPhone X.  All of them run great and have no issues.

    Until such time as I can’t update the OS on them anymore or the next release has something amazing I can’t live without, I’m going to keep using them.

    To anyone considering the iPhone X, it’s a great phone and now at a better price since two newer releases have hit the market.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Scott, 

      It’s great to met someone wit the same idea on my blog since I am still using MacBook Air 2013 so far for all my paper works, and it still goes so well that I didn’t see the need to upgrade with the most current model.

      It also makes sense that if your iPhone X works well today, there is no need to upgrade to the latest model unless you find there is something you cannot live without! Thanks so much for sharing this with me, you are more than welcome to read my review of Apple 8 & 8 plus, X, XR, XS & Xs MAX!

  4. Wow, that’s amazing stuff!

    MY heart stopped at  256 GB storage because I’m always downloading stuff and I hate it when my phone tells me to delete some if I want to add some more.

    The 12MP camera is also a girl’s selfie dream, I mean I don’t have to create a whole portfolio just to decide on one photo. The price isn’t so high now so I might consider this.

    • Yeah! You are making a great choice today! Haha… With the new iPhone 11 and 11 PRO released, the price of iPhone X will definitely go lower and lower, so your dream will come true sooner than you think.

      I also like to mention the previous models of iPhones are all getting cheaper now, you are more than welcome to check my reviews on Apple 8 & 8 plus, X, XR, XS & Xs MAX!


      🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Cool review.

    Most importantly for me, when getting a smart phone, is the camera quality. I want to be rest assured my pictures will come out cool with little or no adjustments. And that means IPhone X would be great for me. But the battery capacity is quite low for a product of that standard. 

    What’s the series of Iphone has the highest battery capacity?

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