iPhone 11 review – The Best iPhone for the Money!

Apple introduced the iPhones of 2019 on 10-Sep which was no surprises that we knew too much from all the leaks from the internet! iPhone comes with a new dual-camera system which just makes it the Best iPhone for the Money!


Every September, Apple fans are staying late in every corner of the world waiting to see the newest models. So, did I. This year, I feel like the whole keynote is fancier than the past few years, and the promotion video gets more creative this year too.


iPhone 11 – the entry phone in 2019 comes with one more camera but the price gets lower to USD$699, A USD$50 less than iPhone XR(USD$749).


I hope the market price is not the biggest hype on the internet and we should focus on something that Apple brings us this year.


Let’s follow Blablaphones for a better dive! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Product: Apple iPhone 11
6.1″ LCD (828 x 1792 pixels) 19.5:9 ratio (326 PPI density)
Chipset: Apple A13 Bionic (7 nm+)
Storage: 64/128/256GB storage, no card slot
Camera:  12.0 MP(wide & OIS) + 12.0 MP(ultrawide:120º)
Front Camera:  12.0 MP(TOF 3D camera)
Battery: 3,046 mAh and Fast battery charging 18W(50% in 30 mins)
 Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, White
Other Features:  IP68 dust & water resistant / True-tone / Apple Pay

(You could tell it’s iPhone 11 since the rear camera set is like its signature, and it’s impossible to miss the dual-camera set!)


Design & Display

The front is hard to tell what the difference between iPhone XR or iPhone 11, but the back is easy. This is due to the rear camera set, and it’s very obvious to tell which iPhone it is.


Apple adds purple & green colors to replace coral from last year, and the new colors look like macarons, very yummy!


The LCD panel shows the most correct colors I see compared to other smartphones come with LCD in the industry, and I think it works quite well with true tone which could adjust the white balance to match the light around us.


Although iPhone 11 only got LCD panel, the high pixel density really makes it hard to tell what the gaps between iPhone 11& iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro MAX. At least, iPhone 11’s screen is so bright that I cannot resist to touch & swipe it as much as I want.



The dual-camera is the best part of iPhone 11, and it makes me very difficult to take a bad photo. Some of you might know that I cannot hold my phone still when taking photos, and I even try to hold my breath before clicking the shutter as a way to improve this.


But, for some certain phones, I just cannot get the shot I want and I cannot tell you what those are. 🙂 🙂 🙂 It gets so easy to take one photo with no visible drawbacks that I want to share here, and I love it so much.


Ultra-Wide camera(120º)

With the ultra-wide camera on iPhone 11, you could take a very wide photo without caring about someone’s head or body got cut from a group selfie.


It also works very well for the scenic photo since we all like to take photos when are at the beach, mountain, or the gorges. it gives iPhone 11 like a Pro although we know we are not even close!


(The ultra-wide camera on iPhone 11 allows you to take a stunning photo like the above, love to see this coming to the entry iPhone in 2019.)


Night Mode

Finally, here we are! It’s time for iPhone to show the world that it could take photos in a very dark environment too. Just right after the launch event, we saw a comparison on Twitter. It shows the difference between iPhone X & iPhone 11 series.


I was shocked and wanna see more results from the night mode from iPhone 11 models in 2019. Sometimes, people use the night mode in a dark place, but the result isn’t that ideal since it gets many noises, geometric distortion, and ghosting. So, it looks we need Apple’s iOS 13.1 to fix it soon!



High-Key Light Mono Effect

iPhone’s Portrait mode is the best in the industry, and iPhone 11 could let you turn your portrait into studio-made monochromes.


It’s simple to adjust the lighting control for the look you want by changing the intensity of light on your subjects.


(By changing the intensity of light on your subjects, you could turn your portrait photo into beautiful monochromes.)


Next‑generation Smart HDR

Thanks to machine learning, iPhone’s camera gets smarter this year to enhance HDR for all your photos. The smart HDR recognizes your face & the background & the light, so your face will look nice and beautiful in every photo with a natural skin tone.


Slofie= Slow Motion Selfie

It’s fun and thinks outside the box for me. The camera will take a short video and a selfie, and Apple thinks it’s gonna catch on any social media platform.


The camera will take shots 120 frames per second, and when those frames are slowed down, the resulting image has a slo-motion effect.


Let’s see the demo on Apple’s launch event:


Video Recording & Editing

The previous version made editing more intuitive and user-friendly. This year, Apple even made it better due to the ultra-wide lens. iPhone 11 could record a video with 4 times more scene inside the frame which will be a big plus for those who like to take a short video by iPhones.


in recent years, we see some famous directors shot their works from iPhones, so this update with a dual-camera system would push more artistic people rush for them and make something we call “ART“!


Samsung Galaxy Note has a “zoom in mic” feature which lets you record the sound of the main subject, and we see the same feature on iPhone 11. If you zoom in the camera for the footage, so does the sound!


Apple promises us editing video is as easy as editing photo on iPhone 11! Just Do It!


Performance & Battery

A13 Bionic

It comes with A13 Bionic Chipset, and Apple mentioned A13 delivers 20% faster speed and 15% more power efficiency than the previous A12 chipset.


A12 is the most advanced chipset which is still ahead of the entire industry and will be competitive with the best Android flagships in two years. How about A13 in 2019? Let’s see the comparison as below:



A12 is great and A13 is even better than Snapdragon 845 & 855, Kirin 980. A13 is so far the faster CPU in a smartphone, yeah!


A13 still tops other flagships in the competition, and so far the faster GPU in a smartphone!


U1 Chip

Based on the Apple 11’s page, we estimated the “U” means “Ultra-Wide Band” which makes iPhone 11 series could connect all the smart devices in a wide distance. Like when you use AirDrop, someone could receive the pics you like to share in a far distance.


Another foreseeing powerful feature is Apple pay, and it could be possible that we don’t need to sense our phone with the machine so closed to pay. Maybe just take it out from your pocket, and a “Beep~” will immediately follow



The battery is larger this year on iPhone 11 which rises to 3,046 mAh from 2,942 mAh on iPhone XR, and it will work 1 hour more due to Apple’s world-famous integration with A13 Bionic chipset.


What if we could have a 6,000mAh iPhone like Samsung Galaxy M30s? Not sure Apple will launch this kind of mid-ranger any sooner.


Minor Features:

Spatial Audio: Simulates surround sound for a more immersive experience.

Dolby Atmos: Feel like in a movie theater for the sound

Enhanced Face ID: You could unlock iPhone 11 with a quick glimpse

Wi-Fi 6: Delivering a better and faster connection to Wi-Fi in a crowded area.

IP68: No worries for coffee/drink splash, up to 2 meters.


(There are so many minor features Apple didn’t have time to mention in the launch event! )


Trade old iPhone for the iPhones in 2019

I used to convince my parents in high school when I want a new phone, so I would describe “Buying a phone is like an investment, you could trade for the next ideal flagships with discount!”


We could keep in mind that Apple’s iPhone is still the ONLY one which could hold its price in the 2nd hand market for a long while. For Samsung flagships, they depreciate after 6 months after launch.


iPhones 2018 could trade for the most for the discount, but we still could check the other models.


(Trade your old iPhones for iPhone 11 today, and it’s a great bargain!)



Top#01 Wait, Not a 5G iPhone Yet!

Since all the Android flagships this year are offering the 5G version, it seems Apple is not ready for it. Some Sherlocks on the internet guesses the reason might have something to do with Qualcomm.


We know both companies just settled the long-lasting battle with each other, and this settlement came late. People estimate this might impact the sales in China, Korea, or other countries has 5G connectivity.


But, Apple’s core market is in the USA, since 5G connectivity is still not as widespread as the above countries, the way improved and upgraded to 4G connectivity seems important for iPhone 11 family this year. Let’s expect a whole new 5G iPhone in 2020.


Top#02 Bulge

The dual-camera set on iPhone 11 is great and it becomes super hard to take a photo that fails you. I always worry about if the camera has bulges, I would easily scratch the whole camera set or even the lens surface.


People like me need a good phone case to protect itself from getting too much damage by a reckless owner like myself.


Sometimes, my phone just flew out from the pocket of my jacket when I am wearing it, and the bulging part gets the most hurt. This where I heard a heartbroken sound from my heart.


(iPhone 11’s camera gets a bulge which you need lots of care just like treating your lovers, and a premium phone case might work for it.)


Top#03 Fast Charging

Apple finally brings an amazing news for its notorious 5W charger which is the 18W Fast Charging adaptor. BUT, you need to purchase it separately.


Yeah, it didn’t come with the iPhone 11 in the box. You may wonder why Apple makes lots of money, but why they don’t offer 18W charger for free?


I have this question, too. But given the USD$50 less for the starting price, it seems that we could leave behind and directly order one for the best charging experience which could get from Apple.


>>>Check the Latest Price on Amazon<<<



iPhone 11 is indeed the best iPhone for the Money! Its price gets USD$50 lower than iPhone XR(USD$749) in 2018. I love its macaron colors, A13 & U1 chip, and the super-powerful dual-camera set.


Since it’s lower than our expectation, you may also buy some accessories with the USD$50 for an 18W charger & a strong phone case to protect the phone body.


It will be a very good choice for those people who are still using iPhone 6, iPhone 7, or even iPhone 8, and iPhone 11 will definitely suit your need & runs beyond your imagination.


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Apple iPhone 11 or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


(All Photos: Apple)


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iPhone 11








Build Quality




Matt Lin


  1. If there is one thing that Apple has truly mastered, it is to build on more and more to make better newer iphones to be better than the ones before. This iphone 11 is simply breathtaking and the camera is out of this world. I love the new additions such as the slofie. That would add a whole new complexion to the view of selfie abs I am sure they’ve set the pace for newree phones to follow. Wow! Had I not been an android freak, I would have loved to get this. Nice review

    • Hi Shelly,

      I love iPhone 11 and it’s the best iPhone for the money indeed!!! I am the kind of person who often takes blurred photos(not sure it’s my shaking hands or the camera itself) and I am skipping iPhone XR last & wait for iPhone 11 this year! I think iPhone 11 supposed to be introduced in 2018 instead of 2019 for any Apple fans like me! 

      Once any new iPhones launched, the old models also cheaper. I would also recommend iPhone XR, Xs & Xs MAX since they are getting competitive than last year. 

  2. I am honestly disappointed that the fast charger isn’t going to be coming with the phone but at least it has fast charging and it is quite cheaper than the Xr. Actually I was expecting something crazily expensive from IPhone but I am really surprised here. It’s very good and the difference is clear from the pictures taken from the different phones. I’m sure that night mode will be a big game changer for other phones too. Nice review here.

    • Yes, I want to loathe Apple that 18W fast charger is not coming for free, but given the USD$50 cheaper price, I let it go and move on. Hahaha… The USD$699 starting price for iPhone 11 would definitely make it more competitive than last year. 

      Anyway, thanks for your honest feedback here, love to see you coming back for my next reviews.

  3. I must confess the wave made by the recent launch by the apple company is really massive. This iPhone 11 have been on the lips of so many people who are following up with the release. 

    However, I must admit I’m a bit impressed by the quality of this phone, reason for being “a bit” is the relatively low capacity of the battery. There needs to be a really big upgrade with the battery of these phones as its one thing most people including myself don’t go well within this phone.

    • Hi Dane, thanks for coming back again! I agree with you on the battery part since for Android flagships it’s very normal to have a phone with 4,000mAh battery at least. And you know what, an entry phone from Samsung this year got a 6,000mAh surprisingly, click the link for more info! 🙂 You’re welcome! 

  4. Amazing. I’ve been hearing all the hype around the iPhone 11 with news reports about how it instantly sold out the first day in China and from ads everywhere. I’ve never actually looked into the details and specs of the iPhone 11 so this review really surprised me. 

    I always thought that the top Qualcomm processors topped all of Apple’s processors but it looks like that has changed. Now I have more options to consider in a new phone. 

    Currently, I am a Samsung S8 user, but my family has been through all sorts of phones, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Apple iPhone X, etc. I’m considering upgrading soon and it looks like I am debating over the Samsung Note 10, iPhone 11, and P30 Pro. 

    Very eager to try the dual/triple camera systems, but I’m conflicted as to better specs versus better screens and 5G. What’s your opinion on other phones on the market versus the iPhone 11? I’m still open to lots of suggestions.

    • Hi Kevin, 

      You just asked a very good question here, and I love it! If I were you, I would definitely go for Samsung Galaxy Note10+ since it gets the most advanced triple-camera set. To be honest, I think iPhone 11 is great, but Note 10’s overall performance might top it. (Don’t judge me here, it’s just my opinion. 🙁 )

      So far, I didn’t hear any bad comment on Note 10+ and some people even comment that “They cannot think of any cons for Note 10+, it’s the first time!”

  5. Hi Matt

    I also wait every year to see what the latest iPhone has to offer and it seems that Apple has come up with some good features, especially being able to take pictures in the dark. It is good to see the price coming down, as we are not all rich and can afford expensive phones. I personally think that Apple has lost its way, since Steve Jobs has died but we will have to wait and see, if the new iPhone lives up to the hype.  We will have to wait and see.



    • Lots of reminiscing Steve from the world of Apple fans, so do I. It seems like a great start to compete with so many premium phones in the industry, and I would love to expect more from iPhone in 2020. It might come with 5G connectivity and a true full-screen experience without a notch or hole-punching design.

      Cannot wait till 2020 to see the new iPhone 12!!!

  6. Great reviews (as always here).
    I have an XS but I’m going to go 11 – the change in form factor plus better cameras and battery absolutely makes it a super upgrade , albeit quite an expensive one but it’s worth it at the end of the day, Iphone 11 is yet another great iPhone! I stopped comparing them to Samsung phones long ago.

    • Hi Jordan,

      haha, love you are going for iPhone 11, and there must be something makes you think “This is it!” Right…? It’s true that you stop comparing iPhone with Samsung long ago since it gets so exhausted for the comparison. What we do is simply to choose the one we love the most and take it home & use it everyday. 

      If the thinking phase takes too long, it would be like a pain in the head. Some people might say it’s so expensive that we need to consider it thoroughly for the best one, but if I find myself get hesitant for a phone, I would not buy it and go home directly. 

      Anyway, you are more than welcome to check my review on Galaxy Note 10 HERE. 🙂 Hope you find it useful too.

  7. Thanks for the thorough review of iPhone 11. I’ve been a Samsung Galaxy user, but was thinking to switch or at least have an iPhone for… spare smartphone. My current smartphone is Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Is it worth if I switch to iPhone 11? I love to use my phone for gaming and taking pictures. Thanks for your recommendation

    • Yes, it worth the switch since you could get a better full-screen experience and an advanced dual-camera set. 

  8. The iPhone 11, yes! I’ve been hearing so many things about it but most importantly, the camera quality with those iconic 3 lenses part which got almost everyone bedazzled. With all the backlashes, I think iPhone still does a good job at being an exclusive phone. The price is a little high on the end but personally, I think it’s up to the users whether or not they’re willing to burn that much money or not.

    • Hi Riaz, I will let you be the first reader of my iPhone 11 Pro & Pro MAX review since you are mentioning the triple camera set. iPhone 11 has a dual-camera set instead. 

      Compared to those budget phones from Xiaomi or the past OnePlus, iPhone is a premium symbol when you take it out from your pocket or use it for the best shot which people will recognize it immediately. 

  9. My current phone is a Samsung I’ve had for nearly four years and I’ve been meaning to get a new one. I’m curious to try Apple for a change so I’m glad I came across your review. Wow I can tell just from your overview of the phone specs that it’s got all the stuff right that is annoying me about my old phone (storage, battery life). I also like the idea of an ultra wide camera as I struggle with mine sometimes.

    • Yeah, the dual-camera set will make you feel like heaven if you go for iPhone 11. You will get a photo without failure all the time and the battery comes with it could last 1 hour longer than iPhone XR in 2018. So, are you tempted?

  10. This is really impressive from apple. Seriously, I am lost for words on some of the features this phone has. I really wish my iphone 6 has these features. Like for example, the slow-motion selfie. You cannot find that in iphone 6. I would really love to get my hands on this phone even if the pricing is outrageous.

  11. Thank you for your review of the iPhone 11. I must admit that I’ve never been the type of person that tries to keep up with the newest iPhones. I was glad to see that at least the iPhone 6, which is what I am still using, is on our list of phones that can be traded in.   

    I wonder if Otterbox has come out with a case for the iPhone 11 yet? I always use the Otterbox cases to protect my phone. My phone is extremely important to me.  

    The dual cameras sound exciting. It makes me feel almost sorry for the regular camera manufactures. The convenience of being able to use a phone to take great pictures and videos is impossible to ignore. The quality just keeps getting better and better.  

    The dual camera makes me think that is time to upgrade my phone.   Thanks!

  12. IPhone 11 which was first released 20th September,2019 is the best in have seen so far. The camera is simply amazing and superb. The battery life is also sweet. It is truly worth the price. I must say the New Night mode is Excellent. One of the major things that attract me to a phone is the camera quality and this really got me. If you are looking for top notch camera.. Then IPhone11 is the phone you need to get. Thank you for this review

    • Hi Emmanuel, yeah, the night mode is really impressive on iPhone 11 and it’s hard to take a failure photo. 🙂

  13. Great review breaking down what is new and the camera is such a great asset. It is time for me to upgrade and I think you have valid points about choosing this phone. The price is definitely right. The pictures are sharp and except for communicating that is what I am looking for, taking pictures. Thank you again and I wish you success in all that you do.



    • Hi Lisa, the price starting at USD$699 which is $50 less than last year, and it’s so overwhelming currently for the world since no one would expect Apple did put real beef on the table this year.

  14. Hello!

    What important features the iPhone 11 has, with obvious improvements in its previous versions. 

    What pleases me most is the dual camera that allows us to take good pictures even with our hands in motion. 

    Ideal camera to take panoramic photos especially of mountains and wonderful lakes that are found in southern Argentina. 

    I congratulate you for such a complete review.

     I will save your site in case you decide to change my phone.

    • Hahaha thanks, Claudio, iPhone 11 is a great phone with a very competitive price, click HERE to know more about what other people think about it! 🙂 

  15. This iPhone 11 seems to be the smartest than previous ones. However, I think its biggest downside is that it doesn’t support 5G yet. This is important! As you know this 5G is going to be widely expanding in the world and would impact net Connection speed.

    It seems Apple intended to keep it for next year. So I would wait until then and deal with my current phone. Another Cons would be the battery which is not desirable capacity for who tend to play games. Overall, iPhone is iPhone and this company is able to produce unpredictable products every year. Thanks for your review!

  16. Thanks for the iPhone 11 review, I have been waiting to see what was new coming out and of course, Apple is always in my sights when I am looking for a replacement phone. This one seems to have a lot of features for a reasonable price and that is attractive to me.

    The one feature that sells me more than any is the camera setup and that ultra-wide-angle lens that this phone has. There are so many occasions when this is handy, and perhaps this is what will get me to take the plunge and buy it! I am in Dubai, do you know when it will arrive here (I have not seen it advertised as of yet)?

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