iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max – A Triple Camera iPhone

Finally, a triple camera iPhone just arrvived! Apple fans wait for the triple camera for a long time and this is the first time Apple calls its phone a “Pro”! The first triple camera makes iPhone’s camera performance multi levels up to compete with other flagships in the market.

Another hype on iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max is the “night mode” which would definitely empower all the iPhone users to get a better night shot than ever. Let’s follow Blablaphones for a better dive! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Product: Apple iPhone 11 Pro
5.8″ OLED (1125 x 2436 pixels) 19.5:9 ratio (458 ppi density)
Chipset: A13 Bionic Chip
Storage: 64GB/256GB/512GB storage, no card slot
Camera: 12.0 MP(wide & OIS) + 12.0 MP(telephoto & 2x optical zoom) + 12.0 MP(ultrawide)
Front Camera: 12.0 MP(wide & TOF 3D camera)
Battery: 3,046 mAh and Fast battery charging 18W(50% in 30mins)
 Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Midnight Green
Other Features: Apple Pay / IP68 dust & water resistant / Qi wireless charging


Product: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 
6.5″ OLED (1242 x 2688 pixels) 19.5:9 ratio (458 ppi density)
Chipset: A13 Bionic Chip
Storage: 64GB/256GB/512GB storage, no card slot
Camera: 12.0 MP(wide & OIS) + 12.0 MP(telephoto & 2x optical zoom) + 12.0 MP(ultrawide)
Front Camera: 12.0 MP(wide & TOF 3D camera)
Battery: 3,969 mAh and Fast battery charging 18W(50% in 30mins)
 Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Midnight Green
Other Features: Apple Pay / IP68 dust & water resistant / Qi wireless charging


(There is one new color for iPhone Pro & Pro Max in 2019 which is the midnight green, and I love how it looks on the new iPhones.)


Design & Display

There is no huge design changes on the front if you compared to the previous iPhone Xs & Xs Max. But, if you flip the phones around for the back, you would immediately recognize it’s iPhones 2019.

The camera set is highly recognizable and I think people would know you are using iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max. This is for all crazy Apple fans, and it gives a clear announcement like”Hey, this is iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max!” without really saying it out loud.


The display called “Super Retina XDR”! Apple implements what they did on the display of MacBook Pro on iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max.


Let’s look closely at the back. Yes, a triple camera, I could hear you are screaming for this beauty. Although there is a bulge around the camera set, it doesn’t lessen our love for it.

You could choose your iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max from 4 colors, such as Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Midnight Green! Midnight Green is the new color added to iPhone 11 family and it sold out during the first days of pre-order. I love it too since it gives a very low-key & a sense of premium at the same time!


(The triple camera set on iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max makes it super recognizable, and you know people understand when they see it!)



With one more camera on the rear camera set, it’s the biggest hype on the internet and round my friends. People talk about it every day. With more and more celebrities posted their photos on any social media platform, the hype doesn’t seem any fade-out but just start to kick in!


One More Telephoto Camera

Compared to iPhone 11, both iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max has one more camera – Telephoto which allows you to take photos from a far away place with a high resolution. I seldom use the telephoto camera on my phones. so it’s not that necessary for me.


(Yes, you could get a photo from a faraway place with many good details.)


Night Mode

Apple fans used to complain the night photo from iPhone is a disaster which we often see all black for the result. Since Google Pixel 3 launched in Oct’18, the other Android competitors have the same feature in the coming months. Apple did update this in a whole year which is something longer than my expectation.

But, something is better than nothing at least. Let’s see the comparison if you turn the night more on for all iPhone 11 series. You could immediately find out the color is so much brighter than the left one without turning it on.

My favorite night sight feature still falls on Google Pixel and hoping Apple could develop in its own way for the same run later this year or next year.


(Turning night mode on with iPhone 11 series for a night photo, you will get a very beautiful photo like above.)


Photo & Video Editing Gets Easier

I usually download the extra apps to edit the photo or video after they were shoot. But, with all the updates on the new iPhones in 2019 & iOS 13, the photo and video editing became super easy to adjust as little or as much as you want.

I find the video editing on iPhones is what we feel frustrated in the past, but now it’s so easy and intuitive to cut the length, change the filter for your video, or auto-enhancement. Apple brings the photo editing features to the video part, and I love this.


It could save you from downloading so many extra apps to edit your videos. I also found that you could take photos when you are recording the video with iPhones now. When you record something, you will find there is another button on the screen, just click it and check the album after you finish!

(With QuickTake, now you don’t need to switch back and forth between photo and video modes! Simply swipe right and left for both options.)


High‑Key Light Mono Effect

Apple brings another studio-like camera feature in 2019, and I think it makes the portrait photos taken by iPhones look more “PRO”! Let’s see the below comparison!









(Photo by high-key light mono effect looks more studio-like and gives a feeling of PRO.)


Slofie= Slow Motion Selfie

It’s fun and thinks outside the box for me. The camera will take a short video and a selfie, and Apple thinks it’s gonna catch on any social media platform. The camera will take shots 120 frames per second, and when those frames are slowed down, the resulting image has a slo-motion effect.



Performance & Battery

A13 Bionic

It comes with A13 Bionic Chipset, and Apple mentioned A13 delivers 20% faster speed and 15% more power efficiency than the previous A12 chipset.

A12 is the most advanced chipset which is still ahead of the entire industry and will be competitive with the best Android flagships in two years. How about A13 in 2019? Let’s see the comparison as below:



A12 is great and A13 is even better than Snapdragon 845 & 855, Kirin 980. A13 is so far the faster CPU in a smartphone, yeah!


A13 still tops other flagships in the competition, and so far the faster GPU in a smartphone!


There are two major advances in A13 Bionic:

  1. Machine Learning: Apple adds machine learning accelerators in CPU makes 6x faster and allows it capable of 1 trillion operations per second.
  2. Low-Power Design: Apple built with over 8.5 billion transistors in A13 Bionic Chip & a great architect to make it high-performance and low-power efficiency.


U1 Chip

Based on the Apple 11’s page, we estimated the “U” means “Ultra-Wide Band” which makes iPhone 11 series could connect all the smart devices in a wide distance. Like when you use AirDrop, someone could receive the pics you like to share in a far distance.

Another foreseeing powerful feature is Apple pay, and it could be possible that we don’t need to sense our phone with the machine so closed to pay. Maybe just take it out from your pocket, and a “Beep~” will immediately follow.



With the A13 Bionic, the battery on iPhone 11 Pro could last 4 hours more than iPhone Xs although it only comes with 3,046 mAh which I think it’s still less than other competitors in the market.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max, on the other hand, could last 5 hours more than iPhone Xs Max. The battery on iPhone 11 Pro Max is 3,969 mAh which is so close to 4,000 mAh flagship club. Let’s wait and see whether A13 Bionic makes it less power consumption for all the apps running to fulfill our demands all day long.


Trade old iPhone for the iPhones in 2019

I used to convince my parents in high school when I want a new phone, so I would describe “Buying a phone is like an investment, you could trade for the next ideal flagships with discount!”

We could keep in mind that Apple’s iPhone is still the ONLY one which could hold its price in the 2nd hand market for a long while. For Samsung flagships, they depreciate after 6 months after launch.


iPhones 2018 could trade for the most for the discount, but we still could check the other models.

(Trade your old iPhones for iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max today, and it’s a great bargain!)



Top#01 Too Heavy For Our Wrists

For the weight of iPhone 11 Pro Max, it’s 226 grams. Not sure people feel about their wrists after one-day use, and I think my wrists would definitely become sour! It’s hard to imagine how the heavyweight would influence the way we use the phone, but it’s obviously an issue for me and some other small-handed users.


Weights of iPhones:

-iPhone 11 Pro Max: 226 grams
iPhone Xs MAX: 208 grams
iPhone 8 plus: 202 grams
iPhone XR & iPhone 11: 194 grams
-iPhone 11 Pro: 188grams
iPhone Xs: 177 grams


Top#02 Wait, not 5G yet

Since all the Android flagships this year are offering the 5G version, it seems Apple is not ready for it. Some Sherlocks on the internet guesses the reason might have something to do with Qualcomm.

We know both companies just settled the long-lasting battle with each other, and this settlement came late. People estimate this might impact the sales in China, Korea, or other countries has 5G connectivity.

But, Apple’s core market is in the USA, since 5G connectivity is still not as widespread as the above countries, the way improved and upgraded to 4G connectivity seems important for iPhone 11 family this year. Let’s expect a whole new 5G iPhone in 2020.


Top#03 The Price

Actually, for almost all the camera features, iPhone 11 could do the same without thinking one more telephoto camera. Like night mode, yes, iPhone could do it. Like the advanced interface for editing photo and video, yes, iPhone 1 could do it too. For the portrait mode, of course, iPhone 11 also could do it.

It’s like iPhone 11 is the iPhone Xs in 2018, but with more powerful specs in 2019. Love to see the entry iPhone in 2019 gets the dual camera shared the same features with iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max, no wonder people in China now need to wait for 3-4 weeks to get an iPhone 11 delivered.


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I love a triple camera iPhone not only because it’s super recognizable but also for the best camera performance so far in iPhone history. Take it everywhere, people will immediately understand it’s a new iPhone if you like the feeling.

I am a more low-profile person, so the advanced camera performance caught all my attention in keynote and real phone testing too. It’s capturing the real color-tone photo and I didn’t see any failure photo when I took out for photos no matter in daytime or night time.


I would recommend people who are still willing to pay USD$999 for a phone in 2019, love to see the different feedback from all of you. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


(All Photos: Apple)


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Build Quality




Matt Lin


  1. Wtf! Though I’m not the typical iPhone lover and I always rate the android better but then, having read through this post and deciphered the benefits that this iphone11 Pro carries especially for a person who lobes photography like me, I cannot help but be grateful that such a beast as this phone is made. 

    Thanks so much for the detailed insights into the features. I like the camera the most especially the slofie.

    • I think Slofie might be a thing for social media and everyone would fall for it, and Apple does a lot to make iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max close to a “PRO”. You may also check my review on iPhone 11 since they share almost the same camera features but with a more affordable price.

    • I am impressed by your knowledge of the phone and detailed information about it.

      It seems like you are are a fan of the product which is good for potential buyers. keep up the good work.

      • Hey, Michael, I love iPhones since iPhone 4s which was a long time ago. With more and more endeavor Apple made for the camera, I find my admiration for them doesn’t lessen. Hope you find this post informative and helps you to make the right decision for your perfect one. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this great article. I’m surprised we are already up to iPhone 11. It seemed like we were only just hearing about iPhone 9. Well, it looks like they have made some cool upgrades. The triple camera is interesting. What does it actually do? Like why is the triple camera better than just one camera? Just curious thanks. 

    Thanks also for the chart on the trade-in values. That’s good to know, that you could trade-in your previous phone to get a discount on the newer one. That way you could have the latest phone, without paying full price. 

    Great job putting this article together. I’m sure people will appreciate the latest information on these special phones. Have a great day!

    • Apple skips iPhone 9 but launched iPhone X instead in 2017, so there is no real iPhone 9 in the market. 🙂 The triple camera includes wide, ultra-wide, and a telephoto camera which makes the performance level up to compete with other flagships in the industry. If you only got one camera of your phone, it must be a wide camera that is not able to take more objects in the frame or lose details for telephoto photos in the end.

      Some of the features are almost close to a pro-studio-type photography! For example, High‑Key Light Mono Effect for the portrait mode. 
      You may also check my review on iPhone 11 since they share almost the same camera features but with a more affordable price.

  3. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. There have been quite a really tough competition within the companies which produces phones and I must admit impressed with the fight the apple company is putting up. Looking at these phones I love the iPhone 11 going from the camera to thr RAM, but the battery is a turnoff for me. Also the 11pro isn’t as good as expected, because for a phone to be a pro, it should have qualities of a pro which I didn’t see in it. Nice phones, but there are still soke work to be done.

    • I think Apple runs faster than ever for the competition in 2019. and I assumed it’s mainly due to the price strategy in 2018. Let’s look back at iPhone XR starts with USD$749, and the start price for iPhone 11 is USD$699 which is USD$50 less. Imagine the total amount of money Apple will lose profit? 

  4. Ooo. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max really look like they’re top phones. It might be time for me to switch off from Android and get an Apple phone once again. It has just about everything I want! Fast CPU, triple camera system, OLED screen, and great battery life. I’m still undecided, though. I’ve been loving the Samsung S8’s screen and I wonder how Apple’s OLED screen compares. Any opinions on that?

    • Yes, I was like you to switch from Apple to Android a few years ago. Now, I am switching back to iPhone 11 which I fall in love at the VERY first sight. 

      Samsung Display Co.provides Apple the OLED panel on all these three beautiful iPhone 11 series, and your S8 is also from Samsung too. Samsung provides its competitors with the most advanced OLED panel and uses it for its flagships too, so I didn’t see much to worry about. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Thank you for this great review if the latest iPhone 11.have been searching online for a comprehensive review about it but this post has really provided answers to that. 

    I think I am kind of prefer the iPhone 11max for its camera qualities and its storage capacity. I will check for the prices and probably place an order. 

    • Glad you find my post works well for you, and I think iPhone 11 Pro Max won’t let you down in the long run. People have different thoughts that iPhone 11 could do almost the same as iPhone 11 Pro Max, so you are more than welcome to check my review for it HERE before making the perfect choice for you.

  6. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for sharing!

    I’m in the market for a new phone, I have my own Youtube channel and I use my phone to record these. The quality isn’t great, so ideally I am looking for a phone with excellent picture quality and records sound well on top of that. Do you think that the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max would be fit for purpose?

    • Haha, great to know that you are making the videos by your phone! In that case, I would also advise another alternative for your next phone which is Samsung Galaxy Note 10+! It’s also an “Everything Phone” with an intelligent S PEN which like a magic wand to let you do more than expected. For the video sound recording, it also got the zoom-in mic feature for the best result. 

  7. A13 and even A12 and kirin 980 are great but have to remember that kirin 990 is practically (cpu) stalemate in single-core and solid 13% lead against A13 in multicore. In terms of GPU difference is even more for Kirin 990 and its also full 5G. 

    On the other hand, I have been using my 5G 10 months now and due to the very low frequency, building your home (not even to mention public ones) 5G network needs 7-8x more routers than 4G needed if at all. However, the new iPhone seems to be pretty good if you like iOS and an easy user interface. 

    I code apps and security stuff for android and iOS as my job and I have to say if someone is concerned about privacy, changing from Huawei to US or japan phones is not a solution at all. Without self-coded and daily managed security practices and software, all smartphones are super vulnerable to privacy attacks. 

    Play and iTunes security apps don’t work even against teens with knowledge. But I really like how apple invests and uses renewable energy in their factories and data centers, it is a huge plus and will become eventually bigger.

    • Hi Jesse, thanks for those honest feedbacks on 4G,5G, and the concerns of security on smartphones. It’s very clear that Apple needs to run faster for the chipset against Kirin 990’s single-core. Are there any other ways to prevent ourselves from malware or attacks when we use phones?

  8. I am intrigued to see how a triple camera actually works. Wow, and that midnight green color is just on another level! I love the sophistication it oozes just from this color. I just love how you can easily take a photo of an image that is far away and still captures all the details. 

    The night mode feature I must say is almost perfect. This really is a great improvement. Great that it is possible to capture an image while recording a video. This is very useful, especially when taking videos for learning purposes. Thanks for this great update.

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 Glad you like my review, and you are more than welcome to check my review on iPhone 11 HERE.

  9. Hi, Matt,

    Thank you for taking the time to write such an informative post about the iPhone 11 pro. I just have a question about them. what is the difference between the iPhone 11 pro and the 11 pro max? I would like to know before I make my decision on getting one.

    • The #1 difference between iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max is the screen size. So, for me as a small-hand user, I will go for iPhone 11 Pro for a smooth operation with just one hand. 🙂

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