iPhone 11 2019 LEAKS – 5 Rumors You Should Know!

Updated at 2019/06/30

Based on the leaks from an accesory maker – Olixar in UK, it shows that 3 camera sets are REAL for iPhones this year. Rumor also mentioned that Apple will add camera night mode this year which is BETTER than Google and Sasmung. There are at least 5 rumors you should know about iPhone XI.




iPhone might be launched in Sep 2019 like they used to do, I’ve concluded 5 rumors you should know!


Last year, Apple launched iPhone XR as a mid-range flagship following in the footsteps of the iPhone XS and a supersized model like the iPhone XS Max. But, there are still differences comparing to the camera with iPhone XS and XS Max.


There are LEAKS that the iPhone 11R will not be STOPPED like the previous iPhone SE and iPhone 5c, and Apple is going to continue to launch the newest model iPhone 11R in 2019 with dual lens!


(Photo credit:The Sun, iPhone 11R might have 2 cameras. Love it.)

Three camera lens, finally!

Cameras have always been a major focus of iPhone rumors. They said that iPhone 11R this year finally gets a dual lens on the back as the above picture, probably it will also get a reverse wireless charging feature just like other Android flagships did this year.


For the successors of iPhone XS and XS Max, the consensus now suggests that at least one of this year’s phones will have three rear-facing lenses on the back to support Apple’s new 3D technology that will enhance AR applications. I think it looks like a clone of Huawei Mate P20, don’t you think so?


But so far, Apple has not responded to repeated requests for comment!


(Photo credit:Mark Gurman, the 3-camera-set rumors.)


2019 iPhone won’t support 5G!

Apple and Qualcomm recently settled their court over patent licensing and reached an agreement of a multiyear licensing and chipset supply. Just right after they settled, Intel, the previous modem builder for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, announced they would exit the 5G phone modem business.


Apple might turn to Samsung for a 5G modem or buy and retool Intel’s modem business, and recent reports suggested that the company’s 5G technology would not be ready until 2021.

Large battery, reverse charging?

For iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, Apple mentioned the lasting time for iPhone XR could be 25 hours for talking, 15 hours for Wi-Fi internet or 16 hours for video playing. Many tests showed that the real experiences are shorter than Apple said.


So, Apple might launch the new iPhones with a larger battery and even a better battery life in 2019. A note from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the next-generation iPhone will be the same as Samsung S10 or Huawei P30 Pro that could charge the other devices such AirPods.


(Photo credit:Samsung, we expect a larger battery will be added on iPhones in 2019. )

More colors?

iPhone XR has 6 colors last year which are white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red. This year, rumors has it that blue and coral might be replaced by purple and green. I like those small changes on the phone, it feels like really refreshing and trendy most of the time.


(Photo credit:BGR, there are new colors for iPhone in 2019.)


New A13 processor?

We all understand that A12 Bionic chip powers the three iPhones last year, and they were way more powerful than other Android flagships. In 2019, Apple might not implement a new A13 since the A12 is far ahead of the industry that it will still be competitive with the best Android phones in two years.


Or Apple could just use A12X processor in the next set of iPhones in 2019, A12X currently is used in the newest iPad Pros.


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