Huawei Honor 8X Review – The Best Budget Phone in 2018

Huawei and Honor are like Xiaomi and Redmi, they are brothers but competing at the same time. Huawei Honor 8X is the Best Budget Phone in 2018, and everything about it is perfect for the price.


Although Huawei gets a huge potential to be banned again by the USA government, it’s no harm to know more about this coming smartphone giant from China and learn its best and improve ourselves.


Let’s follow blablaphones to know more about Huawei Honor 8X & 8X MAX. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Product: Huawei Honor 8X(Global)
6.5” LCD (1080 x 2340 pixels) / 19.5:9
Chipset: Hisilicon Kirin 710
RAM: 4/6 GB
Storage: 64/128GB storage, microSD card slot
Camera:  20.0 MP(wide) + 2.0 MP(depth sensor)
Front Camera:  16.0 MP(wide)
Battery: 3,750 mAh and 10w fast charging
Other Features: Corning Gorilla Glass 3 / EMUI 9.0

(Huawei Honor 8X gets a notch and a chin)


Product: Huawei Honor 8X MAX(only in China)
7.12” LCD (1080 x 2244pixels) / 18.7:9
Chipset: Qualcomm SDM636 Snapdragon 636
RAM: 4/6 GB
Storage: 64/128GB storage, microSD card slot
Camera:  16.0 MP + 2.0 MP(depth sensor)
Front Camera:  8.0 MP
Battery: 5,000 mAh and 18w fast charging
Other Features:  EMUI 8.2 / Dolby Atmos sound


(Huawei Honor 8X MAX gets a waterdrop design or you call it infinity-U design as SAMSUNG does.)


Design & Display

Honor 8X gets a notch design while Honor 8X MAX has waterdrop design(or you call infinity-U design)


I personally prefer the waterdrop design since I think the notch would not affect my experience less than the waterdrop design.


On the other hand, the display on Honor 8X MAX reaches 7.12″, it’s getting so hard to use only one hand for any demands.


I need to hold it with my both hands. Hmm… Considering my small hands, I would go for smaller phones as my top priority for an easier grip.


Both Honor 8X and 8X MAX equip LCD screens, both support 1080P high definition. The 19.5:9 aspect ratio and enhanced visual quality show more details and offer a better cinematic experience.


Honor 8X & 8X MAXs LCD screen is certified by a German company called “TÜV Rheinland” for its eye comfort mode.


It mentioned that in any condition of light, Honor 8X’s screen could protect your eyes from getting hurt or being eyestrain.


That sounds quite practical, but since there are not many competitors to run for the same certification, we seldom know it’s good or not.


The body of Honor 8X & 8X MAX is made by Corning Gorilla 3 with an aluminum frame. On the back, it comes with two unique two-finish design.


It’s elegant and simple. When you hold your phone to take pictures horizontally, it looks like a pretty real digital camera.


(Unique Eye Comfort Mode Certified by TÜV Rheinland)


AI Camera

The rear camera gets 20.0 MP(wide) + 2.0 MP(depth sensor) while the front camera gets 16.0 MP. It is equipped with Artificial Intelligence for any shots you take.


(AI camera helps you for a better shot with 22 different scene recognition.)


Enjoy the Super Night Shot

It takes you around 4-5 seconds for a night shot. Compared to the super-powerful Pixel 3‘s night sight, Xiaomi still got a long way to go. Or you could try Google Camera from the internet, it works!


Night sight is something that I expect for a long time. Rumor has it that Apple will bring “Night Sight” for its latest models in September 2019.


It’s really nice to see that a budget phone could have the ability to take better night photos than ever. I know the result might not be ideal but it needs some time for Xiaomi and other competitors to optimize this feature.


(Even a budget phone in 2018 could take night photo, it sounds nice!)


Portrait mode with AI

To compete with iPhone Xs & Xs MAX‘s portrait mode, Hauwei gets its own way.


You could use the 16.0 MP front camera for as many selfies as you want. Honor 8X is smart to proceed with multi-frame exposure to prevent over-exposure of backgrounds, the main objects(You) in photos can be optimized(PRETTY!).


You could also adjust the background blur with the 2nd camera to adjust the depth. Honor 8X is like iPhone Xs & Xs MAX to offer you 4 kinds of lighting choices in real time.


4 kinds of lighting choices

  1. Soft Lighting: Make a subject appear more beautiful or youthful through making wrinkles LESS visible
  2. Butterfly Lighting: it will add light on your whole face then a small butterfly shadow will appear under your nose.
  3. Split Lighting: split the main object from the background and make the object stands out
  4. Stage Lighting: similar to the lighting in a stage


(Portrait Mode is a must-try on Honor 8x.)


Face Unlock

Honor 8X also could do face unlock for you. I mentioned in my previous review for iPhones that I prefer Touch ID to unlock my phone for some reasons.


It’s just not that fast and convenient for me in certain situations, like in a very important meeting, I am not even allowed to point my phone towards my face. I go for the traditional fingerprint scanner on the back to unlock my phone.


So, it might get faster and faster till it’s even with the old fingerprint scanner on the back. But for the moment, I vote for the fingerprint scanner on the back of Honor 8X.



It’s very nice to see a budget phone with NFC, normally we didn’t see NFC in a budget phone. It’s very nice that Honor 8X is supporting NFC.


Since the whole world is going towards to pay by your phones without cash, you might need to get used to this trend that everyone uses its phone to purchase something.


I don’t use NFC a lot, but I tend to combine my credit card with some paying apps then all the purchase records will be noted in those apps. It’s the alternative way for those who still have no appetite for NFC at the moment!



3,750mAh battery life on Honor 8X is great enough for me, but the 5,000 mAh on Honor 8X MAX is something I love, It’s like Asus Zenfone 6 which also gets a 5,000mAh battery.


Honor 8X supports 10w fast charging, and Honor 8X MAX supports 18w fast charging. It’s tested that you could charge your Honor 8X from 0% to 29% in 30 mins. That sounds quite relieved if I get urgency but I only have a few time to charge my phone.


(3,750mAh battery life on Honor 8X is enough for all-day use.)



Top#01 Huawei Ban in the USA

As we know that Huawei is banned by USA president earlier this year as the victim of the trade war between USA and China, then it gets loose based on the words from Donald Trump this month.


Donald Trump might cancel it soon and allow major semiconductor and chip company continue to support Huawei, but it’s still on the blacklist.


It has a high risk that we cannot use Android and Google services if we buy a Huawei or Honor phones in the near future or tomorrow. So, it might be useless once the ban is officially executed in the USA.


If it happens, I assume you need other budget phones again!


Top#02 Bulge

There are bulges around the camera, so it’s not even when you put it on the table. Apple also has the same issue since iPhone 6 and the later models. I mind this, so I will put on the phone case to cover this.


Top#03 A blue-ish tint on the screen

Yeah, I notice there is blue-ish on the screen no matter which mode you choose. So the solution is to adjust the screen tone to a warmer color temperature for a more normal & accurate display.



There is no IP Rating for Honor 8X, so BE CAREFUL about any water that might damage your phone which includes coffee for breakfast, a drink at bar, or drops your phone in the toilet.


Let’s watch a short video of water testing on Honor 8X, you will be surprised!


Top#05 USB-C

Honor 8X is using USB-C port for data transmission and charging. It’s just a bit disappointing in 2019.


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Honor 8X is nearly perfect in some certain ways, considering its price and overall performance. But it also has a high risk depending on the relationship between the USA and China.


I think it’s no harm to use it at the moment since Huawei might develop its own operating system called “ArkOS”.


I kinda hope Hauwei could bring some very unique features and updates with “ArkOS” since we are dominated by iOS & Android more than 10 years now. We need some fresh air in the game.


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Huawei Honor 8X  & 8X MAX or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


(All Photos: Huawei)


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