Google Pixel 4 LEAKS – 4 Rumors You Should Know!

Updated on 10th Jul 2019

The famous Onleaks posted the renders of Google Pixel 4 XL on 8th Jul, Pixel 4  might not be a full-screen phone. People might get confused for this design since it’s the opposite way that the whole smartphone industry goes. There are 4 rumors you should know today!


Anyway… We could see clearly the front camera gets a dual-camera set and two unknown sensors which could be used for project Soli. Project Soli may empower people to control their smartphones remotely. It will become something that we are excited about.


There is a blank space for the right-hand side of the thick bar on the top, rumor said that it could be something like Apple’s FACE ID. WOW… can’t wait to watch the official #Pixel4 launch event this October 2019.


We didn’t find any physical fingerprint scanner on the body, we could expect there might be an in-screen fingerprint scanner like the other competitors for Google Pixel 4.


Let’s watch a video by Onleaks and Pricebaba:


Updated on 10th Jul 2019

Google exposed the REAL look of  Pixel 4 on their official twitter, it is the same as 5k renders from onleaks’ cooperations with Pricebaba. Rumors now have assumed that Pixel 4 will have some powerful new features that we have never seen on smartphone devices, and all those are ahead of the entire smartphone industry.


Top 01 new feature: Soli chipset!

Google first introduced project Soli in 2015 to remote control our smartwatch devices, you could either turn up or down the volume or switch channels by hand gestures. So let’s imagine what we could use gestures to remote control pixel 4? The first thing came to my mind is using gestures for taking photos which we have seen in LG G8 ThinQ. Really excited about it.


Top 02 new update: Pixel Visual Core!!

In pixel 2, Google first introduced Pixel Visual Core in 2017. Pixel 3 only got an optimization, not a full upgrade. This year, we could expect that Pixel 4 will have the most powerful Pixel Visual Core to enhance photo performance and Artificial Intelligence together.


Top 03 new chipset: Titan M security chip!!!

Titan M was introduced in Pixel 3 to secure all the data in your smartphone devices. This year, we all wonder how it could be updated to protect our passwords and operating system from virus attacks or unknown hackers.


Google launched two mid-range phones early this month, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Now, rumors have it that Pixel 4 this year will be notchless and phone without any buttons. Sounds interesting? Let’s see the main 4 rumors so far.

Hole-Punch Display, a clone of Samsung S10?

The new design for Pixel 4 this year, it is finally gone with the trend to remove the big and thick notch on the top and replace it by a hole-punch dot. The concept of this display really excites me.


But the other thought is does all Pixel designers fall as sleep? Samsung has a very similar design and launched S10 series in early March. Since there are still 5 months until the official launch of Google Pixel 4, I might wonder will Google this year gain more courage and launch a design that never seen before?


(photo credit: MKBHD twitter)



Google is always proud of its single camera with software enhancement for better photos. Last year, Google showed the world that they could take the best NIGHT SIGHT photos in the industry even though Pixel 3 only got one camera.


This year, other competitors’ flagships now have 3 cameras, it is believed that Google might launch at least one model with a dual-lens camera for the market. Let’s expect how the dual cameras in Pixel 4 work with the famous Google software for top-quality photos? Really pumped


In-display fingerprint reader!

The first phone with an in-display fingerprint reader was the Vivo X20 Plus UD, which was announced in January 2018. Till date, there is an increasing number of phones including Samsung Galaxy S10 series, Huawei P30, OnePlus 7 Pro and Xiaomi 9 all feature an in-display fingerprint reader.


It’s likely that Google will add this into all the new models this year to remove the fingerprint reader on the back of devices which also leaves a cleaner and sharper look for smartphones in 2019.


We all know that in-display takes more time to unlock phones compared to the traditional ones, and I kind of hope Google could be the lead to MATURE this technology!

No physical buttons?

A leak from YouTube channel Front Page Tech has claimed a credible source has said the Pixel 4 is not going to have any physical buttons. With regard to no physical buttons, the source said Google Pixel 4 would have capacitive buttons on the side in place of the power button and volume rocker.


I assume Google would focus more on Active Edge squeezable sides that allow you to interact with your beloved phones if you squeeze or hold it in a specific way.


This is likely to be true after Google bought a large slice of hTC’s hardware in Jan 2018, and the Taiwan team(previous hTC team) currently led the research and development of Pixel 3a and 3a XL.


Other interesting tweets:


I hope you enjoyed these LEAKS and if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal ideas, leave a comment below.



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