Blabla This Week: September 8, 2019

Hottest leaks of smartphone this week, let’s swipe down for all the new stuff. from Google to Huawei.


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Top#1 Just The Way U Want It!

Google abandons its naming history with dessert for Android updates, this year, they called it “Android 10” instead of a dessert for “Q”.



In Android 10, we see lots of updates, and I found the below excite me the most!


  • Dark theme: Google apps could work with dark theme too, try your Google Calendar or Photos
  • Security updates: In Android 10, you’ll get security updates faster and easier to put all your privacy at safe hands
  • Focus mode: to block all distractions from the never-ending notifications of all your apps


(Android 10 updates bring some amazing features which make it fun and user-friendly! Image credit: Google)


Top#2 KlaytnPhone

Samsung introduced KlaytnPhone – the very first blockchain phone which is re-designed on the base of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.


Although we don’t know much about how a blockchain phone really works or influences people’s lives, it would be better that the smartphone giant does something on this to test the waters.


(Samsung introduced its very first blockchain phone which looks just like Note 10. Image credit:KlaytnPhone)


Top#3 Samsung Galaxy A90

For the 5G connectivity, Samsung released orders on 4-Sep in Korea. It’s designed for the people who live in the era of LIVE. Like a live concert, a live football game, or a live video chat, A90 is always there for you.


It’s the first mid-ranger from Samsung with 5G connectivity, also the top model of A series so far. It comes with three camera set and 4,500 mAh battery which supports fast charging 25W.


(Samsung released orders for its A90 firstly in Korea for the 5G connectivity. Image credit: Samsung)


Top#4 Leaks of Huawei Mate 30?

Although we will see the real Huawei Mate 30 this month, there are some renderings of the body & the camera set. Let’s see the below rendering from Onleaks & Pricebaba.


My curiosity rises for the circular camera module which looks like Nokia 9 pureview to me, the same round layout for the best shot!


Not sure how the circular payout will enhance the result, but it’s really nice to see different designs other than simple vertical or horizontal camera modules.


The current top#1 on Dxomark smartphone list is Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, but since 2018, Huawei’s smartphone will top other flagships once it launches due to the great collaboration with Leica.


I am expecting this situation will continue to push other smartphone manufacturers for an advanced and strong camera-performance smartphone in the whole industry!


(Huawei Mate 30 renderings from Onleaks & Pricebaba, I love the circular camera module which looks cool! Image credit:Onleaks)



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I hope you enjoyed this NEWS and if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal ideas, leave a comment below.


Let’s blablabla together!


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Matt Lin


  1. Hello Matt, I heard quite a lot of information concerning the A90 Samsung.

    It seems very cool with some nice specs. To be honest, I like Samsung products a lot and I have been using it since I can remember. So, seeing this A90 and the various rumors around it is rather exciting.

    Huawei too has become the industry leader too and their mate30 is also pulling the waves to it. I am really looking forward to these two phones more. Thanks

    • Hi RoDarrick,

      Love to see you again, I need to first give you a big hug since you come back so often for the updates. Yeah, I agree with you for Samsung A90 and Huawei Mate 30, they are both great phones with powerful specs.

      Since we don’t know much Huawei Mate 30, you are welcome to check my review of Samsung Galaxy A90 here!

  2. This are some very good leaks that you have here honestly.

    I like the new update to android 10. Most people will be happy with the fact that they can stop some apps from sending annoying messages.

    The leaks by Huawei and Samsung sounds like a very good one too. Well, like I’ve always said, this year is a revolutionary year in the technology of smartphones. Nice one.

    • Yes, Henderson, you are correct! This year is a year with so many innovations on the camera since Huawei is pushing the limit to the fullest, so Apple and Samsung are starting to run faster too.

      It’s great to see this situation, and we could all have the ideal phones that we desire at our palms. Thanks so much coming back for my weekly updates, you are more than welcome to check my review on Samsung Galaxy A90 HERE!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. If I don’t know any other phone well, I think I haven’t forgotten the experience I had with Huawei Y something, I can’t remember it the name very well.

    The phone is superb just like the camera. The camera is very sharp even more than one can imagine because of its low price. I got the phone in 2015 and it is still working very well till this moment. Although I have dashed it out because I didn’t enjoy the battery from the start due to my nature of work.

    Their partnership with other brand will definitely make Huawei become extraordinary, am very sure about that. I like this new product and how the camera looks like. I wish to know how the price and battery capacity look like.

    • Hi Stella,

      Thanks for the feedback, yeah, if you cannot beat Apple for the brand value, the other things you could do is to use higher specs for your phones. Huawei, in this aspect, does a great job for the competition!

      Since Huawei is yet launched yet, I would definitely write a review on Mate 30. Before that, I strongly welcome you to read my reviews on P20, P30 & Mate 20 first to know more about the endeavors from Huawei!

  4. To begin with, I have to admit that I am old enough to remember when there was no such thing as a mobile phone let alone a smartphone, but here we are today with so much unbelievable technology, smartphones really are incredible.

    In fact, back in the 1980s you would have needed a large house to fit in the equipment you would need to equal what the smartphone can do, for people of my generation it really is amazing but I don’t know where I would be without one today, which brings me to my next point, with technology advancing as fast as it is, I am a bit reluctant to pay for an overly expensive smartphone when it is going to be out of date quite soon.

    So for someone with a limited budget which one would be the best smartphone for their money, in your opinion?

    • Hi Russ,

      Thanks for your honest feedback! If I don’t have much budget today, I would definitely check on Samsung Galaxy A series released earlier this year.

      Some of them are very closed to Samsung’s flagships in 2019 and the entry phones are enough for your daily chores I recognize.

      Please check here for Samsung Galaxy A series, you will find the one suits you the best!

  5. Hello Matt, Interesting tip 4 leaks this week. Tech companies change naming conventions all the time so I am not surprise at all but some of the functionality in Android 10 is interesting but far from revolutionary.

    So, I would swap your #1 and #2. Now the Klaytn Phone would be something unique if it can demonstrate how a blockchain phone is going to change my life, maybe it will accept bitcoin in the e-wallet? 

    As for the LIVE feature on the A90, wonder how many will be using that. Definitely a drain on battery life. The Huawei Mate 30 designs are starting to look a bit stale and unless the circular camera has some unique function, it does not make much difference as it does not stand out.

    • Hi Stanley,

      Thanks for the feedback for the 4 updates on wk 8-Sep, you are the same as me since I worried about the battery on A90 too for the LIVE & 5G connectivity since it’s still the early stage of 5G.

      I just did a review on Samsung Galaxy A90, you are more than welcome to check it out HERE!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Smiles… The smartphones industry is amazing for its consistent improvements and innovations.

    I like the Samsung galaxy A90 because I like the brand as I enjoyed their product that I used before. The battery strength and the super clear camera.

    So, I’ll be looking forward to seeing what the galaxy A90 will really look like. Thanks.

    • Hi Grea8J,

      You came the right time since I JUST posted my review on Samsung Galaxy A90 HERE! You’re welcome to read more about it and let me know your thoughts!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

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