Blabla This Week: September 30, 2019

Hottest leaks of smartphone this week, let’s swipe down for all the new stuff. from Xiaomi to Samsung.

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You can either watch the above short video or continue reading my full written updates below. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Top#1 Xiaomi MIX 4(MIX ALPHA)

Xiaomi MIX 4 creates a limitless screen experience that you seldom find the end of your screen. It feels like all the agents use in spy movie and it’s so futuristic.

Xiaomi made the screen surround the phone body with just “ONE” Display. When the ONE screen lighs up, you might feel it like a universe!

And one more hype on Xiaomi MIX 4(MIX ALPHA) is the main camera which has 108 MP pixels, and it would set a standard for all the flagships from other competitors.


(When the sceen lights up, it feels like a universe on our palms.Image Credit: Xiaomi)


Top#2 OnePlus 7T

OnePlus announced the variant version from its 7th generation – OnePlus 7T. There is no huge gaps between the 7 pro & 7T, and the biggest changes are the chipset and the camera.

The chipset got upgraded from Snapdragon 855 to Snapdragon 855+. For the camera, the telephoto one rises to 16.00 MP  from 8.0 MP which allows you to take a more clear photo for any use.

I also like they changed the camera from vertical to a round camera set just like Huawei Mate 30, and they are very cool!


(The biggest change on OnePlus 7T is the round camera set on the back which makes it similar to Huawei Mate 30.Image Credit: OnePlus)


Top#3 HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro

Huawei Mate 30 tops Dxomark again for its world-famous camera performance which beats Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G launched in Aug 2019.

It’s the first time that a smartphone got a 131 scorings for Photo category and it’s no surprise on Huawei Mate 30 since they work so hard with Leica to create the best camera performance since 2014.

So, Hauwei might be a pusher for the old giants like Apple & Samsung to launch more competitive camera set on their flagships for the same competition. I Hope!


(Huawei Mate 30 tops all the other flagships in the industry which is the current #1 on the Dxomark smartphone list. Image Credit: Dxomark.)


Top#4 Samsung S11 Leaks

Since there is still 6 month before Samsung launches its S 11 series, rumor has it that Samsung Galaxy S11 might come with the 108 MP main camera and 5x optical zoom!!!

It’s no surprise since Xiaomi MIX 4 comes with 108MP camera which Samsung support the camera componet. It’s predictable that they will use the same on its S11 flagship. Can’t wait to see the real phone, finger crossed!




I hope you enjoyed this NEWS and if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal ideas, leave a comment below.


Let’s blablabla together!  🙂 🙂 🙂


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Matt Lin


  1. Hi Matt. Wow. You have some fantastic looking phones listed on your blog. I’m looking for a new one for my wife. Hers badly needs upgrading. The ‘Xiaomi MIX 4(MIX ALPHA)’ sounds very exciting, especially with the one screen lighting up . I also like the fact that it has an excellent 16mp camera. This might just be the one for my wife. I do have one question however, the  Samsung S11 also sounds amazing, and I realize it won’t be released for another six months. I am having trouble with the camera, you say it’s 108mp. Is this a typo, code number or the real thing. Is there really a phone with a 108mp camera attached to it? Jim

    • Hi Jim, thanks for your honest feedback! The price for Xiaomi MIX Alpha would be very high as I remember it will start from $2,800( please hold my jaw.) Yes, 108 MP is not wrong since Samsung supports this component to Xiaomi MIX Alpha first then implements it on their flagship next year. But, so far, there are just rumors. Let’s wait and see. 🙂  

  2. I was just in another article here and decided to have a look around. I am a phone nut, so this website is one I have bookmarked to come back to in the future. It seems the innovations never stop with these new phones, and it can be hard to decide which might be the best.

    The comparing of features often helps and knowing what the competitors are doing helps you measure what you are potentially missing out on when you decide to buy a phone. I have to be honest, I do not replace my phones as much as others do. I typically will use them for 4-5 years and then sell them and get a new one.

    It is that time for me again (the time to upgrade) so in looking around your website I can see that when I make the switch (I am buying 2) I will be able to get a phone that is much more powerful and that has a camera that is better than what I have now. 

    It seems that all of the models you highlighted (either launched or soon to be launched) are ones that I would buy (1 will be Android-based and I will get one iPhone) will work…The Samsung S11 that is coming, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro are ones I like best of the four…Great site, I will be back! Thanks…

    • Hi Dave, thanks for the feedback. I hope you enjoy my site and pick up the best choice for yourself after 4-5 years, and I can see you are making the right decision for the best smartphone in your mind. 

  3. Technology and smartphones are advancing every day and I’m basically someone who loves to know what to expect about a particular product, I heard so many rumors that the company would be unveiling the Mi Mix 4 at the launch event but that turned out to be wrong. Apparently, this has given me great concern if the Mix 4 is still on the cards. Anyway I’ll be looking forward to it. 

    • Yeah, I have the same question as you do, but Xiaomi is hard to guess what their next moves are!!! Maybe just wait and see more surprises for any products they are going to launch soon. It will add some extra fun to our routine life. 🙂 

  4. This is amazing when you see in the Tech World competitors are starving to come up with new ideas and make improvements every year to attract and retain more customers. As always Blabla this week has good news about smartphone giants. We are eager to see which ones are going to be working better in the market. 

    Regarding Xiaomi, I am amazed when seeing that Xiaomi has a big improvement on its camera and without a doubt, it makes surprise the fans by offering this 108 MP Camera and its fantastic Screen as well. As for Samsung, I read somewhere it is certain that Samsung Galaxy is going to be rolling out S11 with the 108 MP Camera either-we wait and see! Thanks!

    • Yes, I cannot wait till Feb’19 for the latest update for the S11 models since Samsung provides Xiaomi 108MP camera sensor for Xiaomi MIX Alpha. So, I think it’s highly possible the rumor will be true. 🙂

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