Blabla This Week: September 22, 2019

Hottest leaks of smartphone this week, let’s swipe down for all the new stuff. from hTC to Samsung.


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Top#1 hTC Exodus 1 & Bitcoin

hTC announced that Exodus 1 will be the first smartphone could support bitcoin cash without loading any third apps. Simply updating your Exodus 1, then using the default bitcoin.com wallet to trade your bitcoin cash. All done!


hTC also leaks they will introduce the next version for its Exodus 1, and the name will be “Exodus 1s”. It sounds similar to the naming rule from Apple. but it gets me excited to see the old Android King is working on the next thing.


(hTC Exodus 1 lets you trade your bitcoin cash by its bitcoin.com wallet app! Image Credit: hTC)


Top#2 Wi-Fi 6

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is proud to be the first smartphone gets Wi-Fi certified 6! S10 released in the first half of 2019 also got the same certified.


Wi Fi 6 is delivering a better and faster connection to Wi Fi even when you are in the crowded area. By its stable connection, the live video call and high-resolution streaming entertainment will benefit from it.


Top#3 Apple U1 Chip

Since Apple builds and designs its own chipset, they tend to leave 10-20 mins to talk about it in the launch event each year.


This year, YEAH, we understood the Bionic A13 is getting faster than ever. But, people found something special when they went through again Apple’s keynote! What a diligent student!


Based on the Apple 11’s page, we estimated the “U” means “Ultra-Wide Band” which makes iPhone 11 series could connect all the smart devices in a wide distance. Like when you use AirDrop, someone could receive the pics you like to share in a far distance.


Another foreseeing powerful feature is Apple pay, and it could be possible that we don’t need to sense our phone with the machine so closed to pay. Maybe just take it out from your pocket, and a “Beep~” will immediately follow!


(What is this U1 chip at the right middle? Do you find it? Image Credit: Apple)


Top#4 Samsung Galaxy M30s

Samsung launched Galaxy M30s in India with a  6,000 mAh battery. Since 2018, Samsung implements its latest technology to mid-ranger phones to test the water then make it together for the S & Note flagships!


It’s hard to imagine Samsung’s flagships in 2020 since now we see we have a cheaper version of 5G phone nad a moster battery phone M30s. My first guess will be a Samsung Fold with a super lager battery & 5G connectivity.


What is your imagination for Samsung’s 2020 flagships?


(GoMonster! Samsung will release orders for Galaxy M30s with a 6,000mAh battery in India which is indeed a Pikachu. Image Credit: Samsung)



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I hope you enjoyed this NEWS and if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal ideas, leave a comment below.


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Matt Lin


  1. I think advancements like these should be embraced with utmost respect because not am phones are so spectacular like these two.

    I personally, always expect greater things from HTC and ive been waiting, getting to see this now is dope likewise the Samsung too. Having a phone that automatically supports bit coin trade is awesome.

    This is a really nice article, interesting and informative, I love it.

    • Hi Jones, 

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest comment on my updates for the smartphone industry on wk 22-Sep. The cooperation between hTC & Bitcoin.com is something futuristic and it’s shaping the world in its own way, although I don’t foresee much now. For more information for it, please click HERE to know more!

      And Samsung does launch its own blockchain phone called “klaytn phone”, you may check HERE for more info!

  2. I must have had my head in the sand over the last few, er, years? Here’s me thinking that new phones were all about size and camera mega pixels. These updates, for me at least, are mind-boggling.

    The last time I was aware of battery size, we were talking 1500mAh and now we’ve got 6000mAh, four times the size and with battery technology advancing so much that means even greater life expectancy.

    Cryptocurrency is moving into a new era as far as acceptance is concerned. It was only a matter of time and that time would be now. More and more currencies are coming through and the ability to be able to use them on your mobile device is a huge bonus. Our phones are now so much more than a communication device and a digital currency just makes more sense in this hyper-digital age.

    Android or Apple? Personal preference is always going to be top of the choice list. Each market player will be advancing and the customer base will take these in their stride. At some point, there will another shift with technology and I don’t think it’s that far away.

    • Hi Twack Romero,

      Yeah, the technology runs faster than our imagination. Once you don’t notice, it brings something super-powerful devices that we don’t expect we could have so soon. If you are not a hardcore gamer, the 6,000mAh might support your normal use for 2-3 days without being tied down for any charging. 

      As for cryptocurrencies, it’s a matter of time human beings all use the same currency in the future, so let’s wait and see. Any phone that could support to trade cryptocurrencies will be very ideal for all of us, and it will be very cool too. You may check more info HERE.

      🙂 🙂 🙂

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