ASUS ROG Phone 2 – The Best Gaming Phone

ASUS launched the latest model – ROG Phone 2 in August 2019 which is highly recognized as the best gaming phone in the market. This is the 2nd generation after the first ROG Phone was launched in 2018.

The first hype of ROG Phone 2 – it’s the first Android phone equips with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus which is the most powerful chipset from Qualcomm in 2019 so far.

ASUS is known for its laptop product line and the computer peripherals for so many years. They started to manufacture ZenFone series in 2014. Although the sales of ASUS zenfone isn’t going well, ASUS doesn’t give up this smartphone product since they recognized it’s the center of future AIoT industry.

In 2019, They first launched ASUS ZenFone 6 which amazed the world with the flip camera and the stock Android we never seen in any zenfone in the past. Three months later, ASUS brings us the new ROG Phone 2 to make us “WOW” again.

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Product: ASUS ROG Phone 2
6.73″ AMOLED (1080 x 2340 pixels) 19.5:9 ratio (391 PPI density)
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus
GPU: Adreno 640 (700 MHz)
RAM: 12 GB
Storage: 256/512GB/1TB storage(UFS3.0), no card slot
Camera: 48.0 MP(wide & Laser AF) + 13.0 MP(ultrawide 125º)
Front Camera: 24.0 MP(Panorama, HDR)
Battery: 6,000 mAh and Fast battery charging 30W (Quick Charge 4.0) / Power bank & Reverse charging 10W
Other Features: Corning Gorilla Glass 6 / 120 Hz touch-sensing
Colors: Matte Black, Glossy Black
Released Date: Sep 2019


Design & Display

The first look of ROG Phone 2 gives a sense of “Yeah, A Gaming Phone!”! Especially the back design! It’s very masculine I have to say when I first hold it at my hands and use it for a couple of days. It’s something that people will recognize you are a gamer when they see your phone.

The screen supports 120Hz frame rate and this s so cool that everything on the screen are vivid with the best color contrast. When I am still satisfied of the-90Hz-screen OnePlus 7 Pro, ASUS ROG Phone II comes and beats it.

Let’s take a closer look for the design:

The back is made by glass which is helping the heat spreading and you will also find the colors change by the different reflections of light when you flip it around. ASUS uses 15 different craftsmanship to build the lines on the back which is something we didn’t see much in 2019.

ASUS also removes the rear fingerprint sensor, so they could do more innovations for all ROG fans. I like the ROG logo changes its RGB lighting like Aurora. You may also check the setting of the frequency, such as: static, breathing, strobing, and color cycling! It’s really FUN.

ROG Phone II has one USB-C charger and one more on the side. Side charging is amazing, and I think all the gamer would love this like me. Now, you could use the side charging and play the game without affecting your gaming experience. Remember the previous phone when you charge and play the game, did one of your hands need to pose strangely to continue the game?

(ASUS ROG Phone II re-designed the back design in 2019. They removed the rear fingerprint sensor and left more room for innovations.)


Performance & Battery

How will a gaming phone like ASUS ROG Phone II perform badly with all the specs listed above? it runs super fast with Snapdragon 855+ & 12 RAM, and don’t forget the internal storage is up to UFS3.0 1TB.

I have to be honest when I see the internal storage is up to 1TB, and I look at it like three times to make sure I didn’t see it wrong. 1TB feels like it only exist in spy movie that agents need to download top data from the villain’s computer in order to save the world, right?

The performance, we only need to see from the below screenshot from Antutu Benchmark, ASUS ROG Phone II easily ranks at the top#1 compared to other normal flagships. The fast and smooth user experience will definitely WOW you for this time by ASUS! What I could see about ASUS ROG Phone II is Super fast.

(ASUS ROG Phone II, of course, ranks at top#1 at the prestigious Antutu Benchmark in Aug 2019!)



The battery is 6,000mAh which is the biggest I see so far in the market, but if you did remember well that Samsung also launched a mid-ranger phone in India called “Monster” with the same 6,000mAh battery. I think it will be the standard soon for every flagship in the following years.

It also has fast charging 30W and you may charge it for around 1 hour to get a 58% battery which is 4,000mAh, and I love this! 4,000mAh is becoming normal for any Android flagships in 2019 since people finally want to leave their power banks at home. I might be upset when I found one of Android flagships is not close to 4,000mAh unless… a iPhone 11 Pro Max. 🙂 🙂 🙂


GameCooler II

To make your phone cooler and maintain the performance simultaneously, ASUS implements a vapor-chamber cooling system inside the body with three layers. It’s a newly designed 3D vapor chamber in the below photo which allows ASUS ROG Phone II to spread the heat from the inside to the surface when you run it with full speed. And, ASUS mentions that GameCooler II could lower up to 5ºC surface temperature.

We all know if you are playing games, and it feels badly when your phone stuck at some points then die all of a sudden. So, it’s quite important that your phone could control the heat and not let it impact your gaming experience.

Vapor chamber cooling is not only existing in gaming phones, and it’s very surprising that Samsung did also put this in their Note 9 and Note 10. Maybe we could expect more from all the Android smartphone manufacturers too?

(The 3D vapor chamber inside the phone helps control the phone temperature and maintain a super fast gaming experience when you run it with full speed.)



For the camera part, it’s something that gamer care less about. But, if you buy it for the daily use not for gaming, the camera performance is just good. It comes with a dual camera set: 48.0 MP(wide & Laser AF) + 13.0 MP(ultrawide) for the rear. For the front, it’s 24.0 MP(Panorama, HDR).

The dual camera set is flagship level and it ensures you to take high resolution photos, but the white balance is not always ideal even in the daytime shooting. Image looks pretty good and it does have a great HDR. If you look more for the high quality photo performance, I would suggest you go for others. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The front facing camera is also great too but not that extraordinary since its main hypes are other specs…



For ROG Phone 2, ASUS launches at least 6 accessories to suit all gamer’ need when they need some extra

TwinView Dock II: gives you a dual-screen experience like LG V50 and it’s perfect to extend the gaming display, and I think it looks like a Nintendo NDS I used to have one when I was a kid.

-ROG Kunai GamePad: the two-part kunai controllers makes it like a Nintendo Switch

WiGig™ Display Dock Plus: to allow you to expand the gaming experience to the big screen at your place

-ROG Lighting Armor: not only protect your phone, but also support RGB lighting on ROG logo

Aero Case: A skeletal case to protect your phone

AeroActive Cooler II: directs airflow and provides extra cooling boost to sustain maximum performance

Mobile Desktop Dock: connect with a 4K monitor, mouse, and keyboard to transfer a phone game to a PC game without a real PC!


Minor Features:

-Game Armory Crate: the command and control center of all setting to match your gaming experience

-Game Genie: a toolbar to optimize the performance like turn off all the notifications

-In-Display fingerprint sensor: you could touch the screen then unlock ROG Phone II.

-Dual surrounding vibration: to feel the actions related to your character in the game

-Dual Front-Facing Speakers: the sounds would penetrate your head

-3.5mm Headphone Jack: you would love it when you use your favorite headset for the game music

-X mode: allows you to allocate all the system performance to your game

-Air Trigger II: customize the ultrasonic control on the side for any commands for your games

Let’s check out the demonstration of Air Trigger II on ASUS ROG Phone II:



Top#01 Too Heavy for Me!

I know the 6.73″ inch display is ideal for the ultimate gaming experience, but when it comes to the weight, it becomes an issue for those who are small-handed like me. It’s very easy to feel the phone no matter you hold it or put it in your pocket due to the bigger screen.

The heavyweight of smartphones, and I seem to hear my wrist is yelling at me!

-ASUS ROG PHONE II: 240 grams

-iPhone 11 Pro Max: 226 grams

-Xiaomi MIX 3: 218 grams

iPhone Xs MAX: 208 grams

iPhone 8 plus: 202 grams


Top#02 The Camera Performance

Although ASUS ROG Phone II is a gaming phone, it doesn’t mean its camera isn’t that good to compete to other flagships in the market. I did find out some inconsistent white balance for my photos even in daytime environment, and not to mention the night photos.

If you buy this phone for all the supreme specs of ASUS ROG Phone II, I would suggest you to put this into thought that it’s not always guaranteed for a perfect shot like iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10. 🙂


Top#03 You Need to Pay for Cool Accessories

For the hardcore players, the ROG Phone II itself is not enough for their taste. It must come with other accessories by ROG too. Like the above cool accessories, they don’t come for free just like Apple doesn’t provide the 18W fast charger in the box of iPhone 11. 🙁

It’s really sad that we need to withdraw more money from our pocket for other accessories to maximize the gaming experience, but it would be great that ASUS could pack at least Aero Case in the box for all the fans in the world. Or we buy an ROG Phone II then get discounts for other accessories if we buy together?

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ROG Phone 2 is indeed The Best Gaming Phone in 2019, considering the specs of it and some extraordinary design, people will love it from the outside to the inside. Let’s count again for the specs: a 120hz-frame-rate screen, 6000mAh battery, Snapdragon 855+, up to 512GB internal storage, and close to stock Android OS by default.

Who could ask for more for this monster Gaming Phone?

But, if you do care about the camera performance, I would suggest you check whether you accept inconsistent white balance or not the best for night photo! If they don’t bother you, you will definitely fall for ASUS ROG Phone II.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about ASUS ROG Phone 2 or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

(All Photos: ROG)

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