Apple Watch Series 5 – The Best Smartwatch in 2019

Apple launched Apple Watch Series 5 in Sep’19 event, and it’s the best smartwatch in 2019 since Apple adds an always-on display that everyone needs so much. There are no any big design changes from the outside if you compare with the previous generation. We also know the old models become super affordable when the new models come out, so it’s a good bargain for all of us now!

(There is a wide range of band you could choose to suit your Apple Watch Series 5, and Apple has the titanium case for the very first time in 2019.)

Let’s follow Blablaphones for a better dive! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Product: Apple Watch Series 5
Display: 1.78″ LTPO OLED Retina (448 x 368 pixels)
Chipset: Apple S5 Chip
Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate (2nd gen), barometer, compass
Storage: 32 GB
Operating System: watchOS 6.0
Wireless technology: NFC, Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth 5.0
Battery: Up to 18 hours(mixed usage with always-on display)
Model Materials:
Aluminum, Stainless, Ceramics, Titanium(The Very First Time)
Other Features:
ECG certified(region dependent) / 50m water resistant
Released Date:
Sep 2019

The basic functions of Apple Watch Series 5 remain the same with Apple Watch Series 4, and you are more than welcome to check my review on Apple Watch Series 4 first. I would only talk about the breakthrough or something I could relate this time for the upgrade!

Health Research

The 4th generation is what I call the best Health Monitor on our wrist, and this year I found out Apple is doing their best for more researches with other associations or universities which will directly contribute to all human kinds. First of all, may we watch this short video? It’s about how people live with Apple Watches that saved their lives for some certain reasons.

Since Sep 2018 Apple launched the first ECG app to read your heart rate for the medical purpose, Apple didn’t stop but going further for the heart rate development. There are three majors studies Apple is doing to sharpen the power of Apple Watches in the coming years.

Hearing Study: Apple watch could measure the sound levels in your environment, and this study analyzes your daily sound exposure impacts the long-term hearing health.

Women Study: It will look at how the menstrual cycles can inform screening for important conditions like infertility and osteoporosis from women’s body.

Heart & Movement Study: This is to look at how metrics from Apple watch can serve as early warning signs and help create innovative interventions to improve overall health.

Always-On display

It’s the biggest HYPE about Apple Watch Series 5. We all have the awkward moment that we need to raise our wrist to see the time on our Apple Watch Series 4 in a meeting, but your clients or boss will definitely misunderstand that you are getting bored & want to leave soon. Or, you are not able to tap the display to see all the metrics when you work out or do yoga, the always-on display solves it!

So Apple brings “Always-On display” to avoid those and these awkward moments for us. When your wrist is up, the display will become full brilliance for the time. When you your wrist is down, the display will dim but still remain visible at all times. The technology behind this called “LTPO” – “Low Temperature Polysilicone Oxide”.

A very difficult term to understand from the wordings. Just remember it’s only existed in Apple Watch Series 5 that controls it with hardware from 60hz to power-sipping 1hz of the display. And, Apple might use software updates to make your Apple 3 & 4 with the same “Always-on” feature.

With LTPO, your Apple watch 5 now could last up to 18 hours a day. If you don’t turn the always-on display all the time, it could last longer to 2-day use per charge.

A Built-in Compass

A built-in compass now comes to Apple Watch Series 5, now Apple Watch Series 5 could tell you exactly the latitude, longitude, the current elevation, and incline with the new Compass app. The other activities are also workable with it, such as hiking, paddle boarding, or searching the constellations from the night sky.

(A new built-on compass allows you with a more precise GPS and there are more ways to use it for your outdoor activities!)

Safety Emergency

Apple Watch Series 4 has fall detection, emergency SOS, and medical ID to save your life. I am sure if you watched the above video, there are thousands of evidence that people cannot thank more for Apple by this health feature.

This year, with the built-in compass, it’s easier to locate where you are. Apple Watch Series 5 become capable that each cellular model supports international emergency calling among 150+ countries in the world, even without your iPhone! It’s really peace of mind for everyone.

Material for Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 has the widest assortments of cases and bands to mix and match our tastes with our need. You may choose the sport band for the gym and change with milanese loop & link bracelet for a dinner with clients.

100% Recycled Aluminum: silver, gold, space gray

Stainless Steel: gold, space black, polished

Titanium: brush space black with a diamond light coating

Ceramics: white

Special Edition: Nike & Hermes

(Apples Watch Series 5 has the so many choices that allows you to find the perfect combination for you!)

Comparison of Apple Watches


Top#01 Is it Apple Watch Series 4?

From the outside, it’s impossible to tell the difference between Apple Watch Series 4 & 5. For some royal Apple fans might get upset that people cannot tell you are wearing the latest models. If we put aside the always-on display and the built-in compass, Apple Watch Series 5 is the same as Apple Watch Series 4.

Now, with the introduction of Apple Watch Series 5, they also stop selling Apple Watch Series 4 on Apple’s website. You will find out there are a huge discount for Apple Watch Series 4 on Amazon which I think it’s a nice and good bargain!

Top#02 Battery Life

The biggest problem from Apple’s product is always the battery, no matter iPhones or Apple Watches. Although Apple mentions Apple Watch Series 5 could last for 18 hours – a full-day battery, it seems less when you turn the display on all day long. And, I also find the display is too light to look at in the dark if I don’t turn the display off before i go to bed.

Top#03 No Sleep Tracking by Default

Not like other smartwatches, Apple Watches don’t have sleep tracking feature by default. You may download the famous app from Apple store called “SleepWatch” to get the feature.

Sometimes, I found out the sleep tracking feature on my wrist causes me more sleepless when I want the feature helps me with insomnia. Not sure you have the same issue as me, and you are more than welcome to leave a comment to tell me if you have the same issue like me. 🙁

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Apple Watch Series 5 is indeed the Best Smartwatch in 2019, and what it can do is more than just a health monitor. From the above video, we know it’s a personal trainer, life saver, and the best friend! My mom used to tell me “Good health could help you walk longer”, so it’s really nothing when you compare the price to your health.

Let’s sum up what Apple Watch Series 5 has to offer in 2019: always-on display, a built-in compass, international emergency calling, swim proof, ECG, fall detection, and Apple pay are all on your wrist!

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Apple Watch Series 5 or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

(All Photos: Apple)

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