5 New Cool Samsung One UI features – You Should Know About!

In this One UI review, I am going to list out 5 New Cool Samsung One UI features – You Should Know About!


Samsung used to make good hardware but terrible at the software when they try to copy and paste all the other competitor’s good stuff and create something by their own which always turn out so bad in the end.


But, ONE UI changed all of that after I did the update, all I can say it’s pretty good, the skin is almost close to stock Android. And it’s quite surprising Samsung did the right decision for their software part.


Let’s read more about 5 New Cool Samsung One UI features – You Should Know About! 


🙂 🙂 🙂

(Samsung announced ONE UI which will change your mind for its old software performance.)



Top#5 Round Corners

ONE UI brings the re-designed round apps compared to the previous version under the skin of Samsung experience.


They re-design the apps and put more concept of round corners into it, and it resonates with the curve design for Samsung flagships. Even the fonts in the setting menu, if you look closer you might also notice this CHANGE.


(Apps on Samsung are re-designed with round corners and it looks NICE!)

Top#4 Lift to Wake

If you use facial or iris unlock in any Samsung devices, the whole process should be like “Lift your phone and turn it face you, press the power button to tell your Samsung devices that you want them to do the scanning, then front camera scans your face and unlock!”


Now, in motion and gestures menu, you could enable “Lift to Wake” function in Advanced Features. Once you set up this, you could lift your phone and it will unlock without telling it what to do or scan your iris & face.


Top#3 Recycle Bin in Gallery

Samsung ONE UI brings a new feature that you could store the photos you don’t like in the recycle bin, and it will only get deleted forever after 15 days.


I think it’s a good idea that we regret sometimes after we delete photos we dislike and wanted to restore them so badly afterward.


This is really a good move to attract people’s attention and very human. Now, the recycle bin in Gallery will be the storeroom for all the photos you don’t like so much at that moment. If you change your mind, you might look them in the bin and take it back.

Top#2 Reachability & Navigation Gestures

Another highlight of One UI updates is to let you FOCUS mainly on what tasking you are busy with right now without being distracted by many other chores.


We came to an era that information seems a blast and overloading in our daily life, and Samsung got this idea in mind and try to reduce more and help us to achieve more.


Samsung did this by eliminating all the excess and keeping the user interface clean from all the apps that you use daily. Only when you need the buttons to run the errands, they will show up automatically.


For example, when you try to call someone, you will only notice there is only “+ create contact” on the top. At the bottom, you will only find three icons which are video call, phone call, and backspace, and they are very easy to understand and being used!


(You will only see the buttons you need now in ONE UI.)


You could also find the buttons moved lower on the screen since Samsung’s Galaxy phones are getting bigger and bigger. The infinity screen is really nice and looks gorgeous, but it becomes so hard to hold with just one hand.


By moving the buttons down a little bit, you could easily control your phone with one hand like you were using a smaller phone in the old days.


I love this idea that you could have a bigger phone and you still could use it with only one hand. People with smaller hands like me will definitely fall for this change.

(One UI moves the buttons lower for you to easily use your phone with one hand.)


(The top area is for viewing, and the bottom part is for interacting under ONE UI.)


For Navigation Gestures, you could find in the menu of navigation type. You could choose the full screen gestures and button order as you wish.


You could swipe up from the bottom center to go back to home page. Swipe from the left to see the recent screens, and swipe right to go back.


You could re-arrange all this to meet your tastes, but to be honest, it’s not quite new and we experienced the same in iPhone X in 2017… It’s EXACTLY 2 years ago, right?

(Navigation gestures and button order in the setting menu.)


Top#1 Night Mode(Dark Mode)

Samsung’s ONE UI brings Night Mode or you call it “Dark Mode” ahead of many other brands. It’s all implemented in Samsung’s default apps and work quite well under Night Mode.


Simply click to turn your phone dark, and it’s good for your eyes and the one next to you on bed will thank you too. 🙂 🙂 🙂


I love Night Mode since I don’t really like to watch a white-based wallpaper and all the setting menu under the sun or strong-light environment.


Or you want to do something sneakily, Night Mode will be your partner in crime.


(Night Mode is good for your eyes and the one next to you on bed in the dark room.)



The above is only my top 5 favorites for Samsung ONE UI updates earlier this year, there are some other minor changes and updates that you might love too.


Like you could choose to reduce the animations in the menu and your device will get faster.


Resetting at midnight by Bixby,  it will turn your phone into dark mode after the sunset or mute sound when you sleep. All you need to do is adjust the setting once then it will work that day onward.


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Samsung ONE UI or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


(All photos : Samsung)



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